My Favorite Concealers

I’m going to find you the perfect concealer because I have tried out so many. 2023 was a fabulous year for new concealer releases as so many brands dropped new concealers!  Everything I own I bought on sale, there's no way I would pay full price for designer beauty products. It was a huge year of the concealer so there was a lot to shift through to decide on a favorite.  There's a lot more I have either tested in the store or bought then returned: Dior, Valentino, Armani, Kulfi, and Tower28. So I feel this is an area I know quite a bit about.   I’m going to help you make your under eyes look flawless with my top 5 concealers picks.

I have normal skin and hollowness under my eye so finding a concealer that doesn’t crease is really hard. One application tip I see makeup artists always saying is to try using half the amount you’re using and then it won’t crease. The thicker it is, the more likely it tends to crease on me, hence I don’t powder my undereyes.  

My skin is light tan with pink undertones and that is such a hard color to find! For years I used to buy concealer that matched my skin but looked yellow on my face. I couldn't figure this out until I learned about undertones. I have pink undertones yet most beauty brands assume people with tan skin should  only have yellow undertones.  I also have to buy different concealers for my winter skin color and my summer tan color. The more shades a brand has in its line, the more likely it will have the right nuance of a shade to match you perfectly.

I was looking for a product that gives my skin a natural looking finish. From left to right are the concealers in order listed below. Now keep in mind that my hand is slightly darker than my face. But you can see how the second color, Gucci, is more pink based which matches better with my undertones. The 4th color, Tom Ford, the stick formula blends in seamlessly. The 5th color, Huda, is a matte. 

Givenchy Concealer Prisme Libre in C305

A very hydrating, luminous, creamy formula. Ingredients include glycerin, Capucine Extract, and Cornflower Complex. Comes in 24 shades and is the first shade on the left in the photo. 

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Radiant

Gucci Concealer Concentré de Beauté in 33C

I don’t like the floral packaging but it is a hydrating luminous finish that is simply flawless. It has a thin consistency and  wears for a long time. Ingredients include Black Rose Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Camella Flower, and Film Formers. It comes in my perfect shade (pink beige) and has 40 shades! More than any other on this list and tons of deep shades. 

Coverage: Full

Finish: Natural

I wear shade 33C so you can see what I mean by a light beige shade with pink undertones. C is for cool –  with pink hues. This is literally a perfect color match! 

Haus Labs Concealer Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-puffing Concealer with Fermented Arnica

in 30 Medium Peach

A thick, creamy concealer with full coverage yet very hydrating. I find the thickness helps to reduce the hollowness under my eyes. It lasts a long time and has a beautiful natural to matte finish. Comes in 31 shades and tons of deep shades, a few colors actually worked for me so it was hard to decide. 

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Natural

Tom Ford Concealer Traceless Soft Matte in 3W0

This comes in a solid stick form and is really creaseless under the eyes and looks natural. The skincare-infused stick formula is designed to hydrate skin while also providing buildable coverage with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. It has a natural finish instead of radiant. This is in my tan color so I'm not using it this winter. I think it's two pricey to get a second color. Comes in 20 shades which I was able to personally test at my local store until they removed them from the shelves. For the most expensive product on this list, the brand couldn't be bothered to do arm swatches or show people wearing the shades which is so helpful when shopping online.

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Natural

Huda Concealer FauxFilter Matte in 4.3N

A waterproof, fragrance-free, transfer proof concealer with Vitamin E. This is stunning, has beautiful coverage yet feels lightweight for being a full coverage concealer. It feels really nice, hydrating and creamy. Doesn’t look cakey. I save this for full makeup looks. Comes in 29 shades but since I think the brand is made more for a middle eastern audience, the tan shades primarily have golden or olive undertones.

Coverage: Full

Finish: Matte

I wear the same shade as Huda's sister Mona - Cookie Dough. 

Concealers I no longer use.

 Nars Concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer

This was a favorite of mine for years, so much so that I bought it in 4 different shades. But now the formula is just too thick for me and creases. However I know this is a long standing forever favorite of so many people. I started using it after being influenced by the first makeup influencers on YouTube 15 years ago. Ingredients include Mineral-Tone Balancing Powder, Light-Diffusing Mineral Powder, Magnolia Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamin E. Comes in 30 shades and looking at my bottles you'll see the second one is pink toned. 

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Radiant

Kosas Concealer

Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer with Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid

Comes in 28 shades yet I couldn't find my perfect shade in this line, I even bought two, but they don’t have my right undertones, cool with a pinky hue. Most Kosas shades are yellow based and there's not enough neutrals.

It does look beautiful on the skin but the wear time didn’t have longevity to get throughout the day. I decided to commit to using it for my zoom meetings as I didn't need a perfect color match for that. I put it in my Project Pan 2023: 10 Makeup Products to Finish this Year list and to my surprise, finished one tube! 

It’s a super creamy, skincare-packed clean concealer with medium coverage and a fresh, hydrated, radiant finish. Non-comedogenic. Safe for sensitive skin. Essentially it a daytime eye cream in a concealer with skincare benefits for dry eyes in including Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides, Arnica and Panthenol, and Caffeine and Pink Algae Extract. 

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Radiant

Tarte Concealer Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Tarte was the first concealer I found in my skin tone, tan with pink undertones. For awhile this was all I used and repurchased but was sad I couldn’t try out other brands until 2023 because previously my skin tone wasn’t really reflected widely. 

This is one of the most popular concealers ever, a classic, staple concealer that has full coverage. The creamy formula includes Maracuja Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Mineral Pigments. Comes in 30 shades.

Coverage: Full

Finish: Radiant

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