Pale Pink for Nails

I love pale pink nail polish in the summertime, it's my all time favorite as I think it looks so pretty with my tan skin. If I only had to wear one color for the rest of my life it would be pale pink. But it's so hard to find the right shade that is also opaque. I couple years ago I posted my favorite summer nail colors, but I'm over those colors and threw the bottles away as they were almost empty. So I tried out some new colors to see what could be my new holy grail pink.

The four colors I tested are:

OPI Lisbon Moor
This spring OPI came out with a Lisbon collection  which I was so excited about since I went to Lisbon in June. There is a deep Moorish history in Portugal, so that is where the name for the pink color came from. This opaque color comes in three versions: regular polish, infinite shine and gel color.  I found the color to be too white for me and chipped immediately.

Essie Romper Room
From Essie's regular line  is an opaque pale tea rose pink, but looked too white to me. Even though it was opaque, it still needed 3 coats to not be streaky which then resulted in tiny bubbles in the polish when dry. It only lasted 3 days before it started to chip.

Essie Lace Me Up
Essie has a line called Gel Couture which is a 2-step line that gives gel like finish and long lasting color. This color is an opaque, warm toned misty rose. The polish needed 3 coats to not look streaky and 20 minutes drying time. The directions say no base coat is needed but I used one. I was shocked, the color lasted 1 week with no chips!

OPI It's Pink PM
From the infinite shine collection that has silver tops, it is a 3-step line that claims to give gel like shine for long lasting color. The color is an opaque pastel pink that needs 3 coats. It's a pretty light pink but chipped after one day so it did not live up to it's claim of long lasting color.

Essie Lace Me Up was the winning color for me! But you can never have too many nude nail polish shades. These four colors have slightly different undertones so you have to figure out which shade is right for you. Light pink nails seem to be a favorite of Meghan Markle  as well.

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