7 Best Fall Perfumes 2022

Fall has arrived and here are the best fall fragrances that are worthy of a spot on your perfume tray. This season puts you in the mood for the holidays, you grab your pumpkin chai, make apple baked goods, and light your vanilla candles. For the fall season, I like to wear scents that are warmer, spicier, cozy and sweeter (like vanilla). Fall is all about sweater weather, but not super cold. So for your fragrances you don't want something too heavy for winter but something more than your fresh clean perfume that you wear in the summertime. All these fragrances make for an autumnal aesthetic. The fall season window is so small that it makes wearing these perfumes even more special.  If you want to turn heads around, if you love smelling good and changing up your perfume for the different seasons here are some scents that conjure up the coziness of the season. None of these fragrances are new to my collection, you've seen all of them before on my blog. 

People make the mistake of not transitioning their fragrance and that is a huge mistake that you're making in the fall season because fragrance is everything, it's so important and it's the final piece. Fragrance is a key element to your overall style and look. Princess Diana once said, "A man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume." Fragrance has the ability to leave their mark in the most beautiful way. For me there is not one perfect fragrance, so I don't have a go-to. I feel it's nice to have a few you can choose from depending on the day, mood and vibe you're going for. You should become familiar with the fragrance families so you know which types of scents you naturally gravitate towards. Fragrances fall under these 6 main categories: floral, woody, gourmand (vanilla, burnt sugar, caramel, coffee), fruity, spicy (warm sultry scents), or fresh (citrus, green or aquatic). I like to have a fragrance from each category as they apply to different seasons of the year or times of the day.

This list is all niche fragrances so they are pricey but they're amazing quality! Saks Fifth Avenue has frequent sales on perfume. You can buy a dupe of them from either  Oil Perfumery or The Dua Brand, both also have frequent sales. Or you can purchase samples of them from Scent Split - get the 1ml size just to smell but if you already know you like it get the 9ml size which is also perfect to travel with or have as a purse spray for reapplication. Some brands like BDK, MFK and Kilian sell their perfumes in a 10ml size which I'm starting to buy now to see if I finish it, only then I will go for a full size bottle. The reality is I don't finish any perfume bottles so I don't need the largest size of them. 

BDK is a new Parisian fragrance house. Gris Charnel is a unisex scent best worn in winter, fall, and maybe spring. This fragrance has a very cozy feeling to it. It smells like a frothy, milky spiced chai latte with figs. The sandalwood is creamy, sophisticated and elegant. It comes in two versions, EDP and Extrait which is a darker, smokier version of the original. The EDP is a soft comforting scent and the main note is cardamom and it's a warm, spicy, wood fragrance - the perfect scent for fall! It lasts all day and this and the next fragrance are my top two from this list. 

Top notes are Cardamom, Fig and Black Tea; middle notes are iris and Bourbon Vetiver; base notes are Sandalwood and Tonka Bean.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Grand Soir

If you're the type of girl who likes a dark ambery fragrance, this is for you. In French, Grand Soir means "Big Night", so imagine what scent you'd wear for a night out in Paris as you drive by the all the bridges and sparkling Eiffel Tower. This is a beautiful scent with notes of sweet amber, vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin. It's rich, sophisticated and breathtaking. It's warm but not too spicy. It has superb performance lasting 8 hours and through a shower! It's a unisex scent and has a strong scent trail. I wore this to dinner and my friend could smell me from across the table. The next day I could still smell it on me as I had accidently sprayed my hair. I did not think Oil Perfumery duped this one perfectly but I saw that Alexandria Fragrances has dupe for it: Paris Night.

Kilian - Angels’ Share

A unisex scent that comes in this beautiful crystal bottle that looks  like a glass of cognac. I love the presentation of the bottle! This is a 2020 release. The notes are cognac, cinnamon, tonka, oak, praline, vanilla and sandalwood. It opens with the scent of cognac then dries down to a boozy, sweet, woody fragrance. Imagine a boozy apple cinnamon pie. This is a cinnamon bomb!

I like the extreme version not to be confused with the regular version which Rihanna's assistant accidently mentioned was her signature perfume. It has notes of marshmallow and rose and is one of the most beautiful perfumes I've ever smelled. After I bought this I considered never wearing another perfume again. The perfume engulfs you in a cloud of marshmallows! The color of the perfume changes over time and becomes more red.

Nishane - Ani

Nishane is a Turkish brand and Ani was released 3 years ago. Ani is considered a unisex fragrance. It's a warm woody vanilla with an effervescent bergamot opening, then it changes over time to a spicy ginger with cardamom. I wore this every day last December because it smells like Christmas. I got lots of compliments on it as it's a stunning fragrance! It's dreamy, delicious, inviting, warm and comforting so also perfect for rainy fall days. This also comes in a hair perfume. A hair perfume has less alcohol so it's safe for your hair and your hair can hold a scent longer than your skin. 

Xerjoff - Lira

Xerjoff is an Italian brand that has 134 fragrances and this is their number one best seller. Lira is a beautiful buttery caramel, zesty gourmand. The blood orange note gives it a lemony feel. It's sweet, sugary vanilla thus creamy, rich and delicious. Even though the notes sounds like a dessert its still gives off that dense, expensive price tag feel. If you want something beautiful and unique that no one else around you probably has? Get Lira as it's beyond gorgeous. It comes in two sizes, a hair perfume and a body wash.

Blanche Bete

A new release that just came out in 2021 and I've already used half of my 9ml bottle. The notes are milk, ambrette seeds, tuberose, jasmine, incense, vanilla, cacao, musk and tonka bean. Smells like a  Palmer's cocoa butter lotion. It's milky in that you get the sweet, savory, and frothy milk notes while heavy on the coconut and rich cocoa butter. This lactonic beauty is a very beautiful creamy musk that smells very clean and feminine while also fluffy, warm and inviting. It was love at first sniff for me! If you like Rolling in Love by Kilian, you'll like Blanche Bete. I promise you this is like nothing in your collection, it's like you're floating on a cloud. It's very captivating and will leave a scent trail for everyone around you to smell!

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