5 Best Fall Colognes for Men

With the change in weather and cooler temperatures, he's going to want to transition from his fresh summer scents to colognes that evoke the aroma of autumn. A few of the colognes on this list have cardamom as a scent note which is a spice frequently used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. I love cardamom and use it in any pumpkin recipe, desserts, oatmeal, Indian curry and chai. It's also an ingredient in Trader Joe's pumpkin pie spice mix. It's hard to describe what it tastes like but it's in the same spice family as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric and cloves; its a warm spice with a vibrant, rich aromatic flavor. Here's your fall fragrance lineup.

Yves Saint Laurent - La Nuit De L’Homme 

A warm and spicy cardamom scent with sweet lavender and caraway seeds.  It has a sexy mysterious warm vibe that is very intoxicating. This stunning iconic scent is perfect for date night or a tailored suit.  It comes in three sizes with different price points or you can buy a dupe of it from Alexandria Fragrances or Oil Perfumery.

Tom Ford - Noir Extreme

This is very similar to my favorite cologne for men Spicebomb Extreme but it's a bit more refined and lasts longer. Has notes of cardamom, kulfi (an Indian dessert), vanilla and is a beautiful, spicy gourmand. It comes in two sizes or you can get the dupe

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Grand Soir 

In French, Grand Soir means "Big Night", so imagine what cologne you'd wear for a night out in jazz clubs in Paris. This is a beautiful scent of sweet amber, vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin. It's rich, sophisticated and breathtaking. It's warm but not too spicy. It has superb performance lasting 8 hours and through a shower!  It's unisex so I've worn it myself and every time I'd raise my wrist during the day to adjust my sunglasses or touch my face I'd a whiff of it, that's how strong the scent trail is. The hype is real with this one as it radiates the most luxurious ambery trail! A small bottle retails for $224 but a dupe for it is Paris Night by Alexandria Fragrances or Oil Perfumery.

Parfums de Marly - Oajan

Named after a village where Arabian purebred horses are breed right outside Iran. The cologne is an intoxicating scent of  cinnamon, honey, and vanilla; it's smells like a delicious apple dessert. It's a boozy, ambery, sweet gourmand lovers dream. It retails for $335 but a dupe for it is Apple Crumb by Alexandria Fragrances.

Kilian - Apple Brandy on the Rocks 

The cologne has notes of spicy cardamom, pineapple, rum, and earthy oakmoss. It's a boozy cognac with oak and some ambroxan in the background. It's the perfect fall apple cider scent. It retails for $200 and comes in this really cool bottle design. Kilian is the grandson of Hennessy, so he was inspired by the French cognac-making family liquor bottles when he designed this perfume bottle.  Wasted Moment is one dupe or try this other dupe.

Two honorable mentions from Maison Margiela Fragrance: Autumn Vibes and Jazz Club. While they lean masculine, some women believe these scents are unisex.

Autumn Vibes

With notes of cardamom, nutmeg and cedar, this is so beautiful! I think it smells very similar to Sarah Jessica Parker's Stash because of the woody notes deepened by spices. This is October in a bottle! 

Jazz Club

With notes of rum, vetiver, tobacco leaf, leather and vanilla, this is what you wear when you order a top shelf whiskey neat at a hole in the wall bar in Harlem. It really captures the essence of a jazz club and is perfect for a crisp fall evening. The sillage is a big light. It comes in 3 sizes or you can get the dupe. 

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