Fall 2021 Nail Polish Trends

When the leaves start to turn, you often change out your nail polish colors to match the colors of fall. This year I've noticed that rich brown nail polish is trending. I think chocolate brown nail polish is so pretty and unique! I love to wear burnt orange and purple nail polish in autumn. In my Fall Fashion Trends I talked about what colors are on trend for fashion this fall, and this year its is a mix of the traditional deep rich colors of fall but also some pastels. Below are my twelve favorite colors to wear from Essie, OPI and Zoya.

OPI - Downtown LA 

OPI's Fall Collection is called Downtown LA and my favorite colors from the line are the Graffiti Sweetie, a cream lilac;  My Studio's on Spring, a deep green and Espresso Your Inner Self - a rich chocolate brown. 

Other colors I like for fall are (left to right) OPI Endless Sun-ner (burnt orange) and You Don't Know Jacques (purple taupe)

Essie - Feelin'Amped! 

From Essie's Fall Collection I love the olive green color - High Voltage Vinyl and the light mauve -Sound Check You Out.

Other colors I liked from Essie are (left to right) Lilacism, Cargo Cameo, and Island Hopping.

Essie Butler Please - I call this my superman color, I love how bright and dynamic it is! I'm wearing this today. 

Zoya Rose Palette

Zoya's fall collection was just released yesterday and is only sold as a set currently. 

(left to right)
Suzie – a dark cherry (can't wait to try!)
Maggie – a dark fuchsia
Palmer – a bubblegum pink
Marcia – a warm French rose cream
Rochelle – a rich dark red

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