Hermes Oran Sandal Dupes

Even though these shoes were first released 24 years ago, I've noticed them trending the last few years. It's come in 40 different styles and a range of different colors. They retail from $630-1200 depending on the style. This year's collection has black soles while previous years did not. They're a very comfortable shoe, the biggest issue is deciding what color to get? I see most people wearing them in brown. I went with gold for my pair but instantly had buyers remorse and wish I got green instead, I think the color doesn't pop on my skin tone. You don't have to be rich to buy these as I got a bunch of dupes for you! 

Steve Madden

The Haydn sandal are an exact dupe and come in 9 colors.

The Dariella sandal comes in 3 colors as well.

Steven NY Greece  come in 4 colors


The Saxon sandal comes in 5 colors.


The Dune sandal has a low block heel and comes in 9 colors.

You can make your baby a pair or sandals from an orange.

While we're on the topic of Hermes, have you seen their Clic H bracelet? It comes in 3 sizes and a dozen colors. It's an enamel bracelet that is fastened with a chunky Hermes H. It's been around since the year 2000. I have it in white and wear it everyday. I also really like their Constance belt. These are my top 3 Hermes products since we all can't buy a Birkin bag. 

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