Medicine Cabinet Makeover

One of the shelves in my medicine cabinet broke in half and everything fell out. I guess I saw it coming, the crack in the middle had been in there a long time and I had too much stuff in there. So now I'm stuck with just two shelves and it brought to my attention how ugly I thought the plastic shelves looked to begin with. I went to Home Depot to see if the could cut glass shelves for me but strangely on a Sunday no one was working in the Kitchen department. I tried Ace Hardware but the solutions they gave me just weren't pretty. So for now I'm stuck with just two shelves and it gave me the opportunity to really organize my medicine cabinet and simplify what I keep in there.

I decided to make the inside of the cabinet adorable by adding a pretty purple quatrefoil print to the back of the wall to match my purple towels. The snowflake in the plug is a wallflower that makes the bathroom smell so amazing! The scent is a mix of sweet bamboo, lush jasmine and wild grasses.

Then I took it up a notch and added chalkboard to the back of the door. If you saw my winter bucketlist then you know I have a thing for chalkboards. The neat thing about it is I don't have to use messy chalk to write on it, you can now buy chalk pens! It wipes clean with a wet washcloth. On it I wrote the words to the Outkast song "So Fresh, So Clean" that you can listen to at the top of this post.  Then I bought a drawer to hold all my safety pins, bobby pins and cotton balls which always created a mess inside my cabinet. It gave me more space to put more things on the top shelf. Now everyday I love looking inside my medicine cabinet, it's so pretty it always makes me smile!

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