Peacock Birthday Fun!

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I celebrated my birthday this month and because I love peacocks, I made it a peacock themed birthday. If you look up at my blog header there's peacocks on her dress, my pink Christmas tree has a peacock on it, so naturally I had a peacock feather on my birthday cake and had a peacock design on my nails.
One thing birthdays will show you is who your real friends are by who wanted to come out and celebrate with you. I'm really grateful for all the wonderful friends I have.

My cake had a peacock feather on the other side and one of my balloons also had a peacock on it. My birthday gifts included a Kindle Paperwhite and the Naked Palette which my friend came over before my birthday to help me apply.

If you have a Noodles & Co  sign up for their email list, they will send you a coupon for a free bowl the month of your birthday! I've never had the pasta bowls, just the Japanese Pan Noodles and the Indonesian Peanut Sauté. Both are delicious and I have them add tofu to it! Their tofu is made just perfectly! I like how they have the calorie count on their menu so I always get the small size bowl and while it may look too small, with the tofu, I feel full 10 minutes after I eat but overly stuffed.

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