My Favorite Amazon Purchases

I bought a lot of stuff this year from amazon and wanted to share my favorites with you. I'm probably the only person out here without prime but I feel I get my orders within a week of ordering and free shipping, I just have to make sure my order is at least $25. Here's a list of my favorite amazon finds I ordered in the first half of 2021. Amazon has become one of my favorite places to shop during the pandemic.  

When I worked in an office I knew I drank a lot of water because I had to walk to the water cooler every hour to refill my cup. But working from home, I honestly didn't know if I was drinking enough water. I bought this  Half Gallon Water Bottle. I was intimated when I first got it but I find I easily finish it by 3pm. I take a lunch break everyday to either go for a walk outside or take a peloton class, so during that hour I put the bottle back in the fridge to get cold again. I've tried putting cucumber slices in it and let it marinate overnight and it was so refreshing!

I broke my one and only food Sealing Food Clip so I was forced to buy a set. I've been giving the extras away to friends. 

This Laptop Camera Cover is so convenient! I used to keep a pen on my laptop but that only works when the laptop is sitting upright. 

Neck Relaxer

My chiropractor always tells me my neck is out of alignment, probably because I lay on the couch to watch TV. I don't actually have neck pain, so for me 10 minutes on this just gives my neck a gentle stretch. 

While I'm not a fan of the trend for a super bushy eyebrow look, I do like for my brows to have definition and brush them up with this Eyebrow Soap

Belt Stand 

I stopped wearing belts for awhile and I don't wear them all the time, but having a good belt in your collection is key. It's such a staple and really adds something to your outfit and is a great way to accessorize. When I was learning about what clothes to wear for my body shape, belts kept coming up so I bought these two belts. Where I keep my old belts rolled up in a drawer divider  is full so I thought since my belt wearing ebbs and flows I knew if I hung these straight in the closet they'd get lost and I'd forget about them. I really love having this belt stand on my dresser to hold my two new belts to remind me to wear them. With my belt wearing track record, by the time the leather cracks from the roll I'll be over them. Although, the buckle is removable so I can always switch it out if/when the time comes. I also got this Knot Belt which is a dupe for the  Isabel Marant Lecce Belt.

I have one dry elbow, I know it's weird. lol And I have tried everything out there and was religiously moisturizing twice a day but it still remained dry until I bought this Elbow Cream which is a game changer!

Hat Organizer is exactly what I've been looking for to hold my hats! Every other storage solution I saw just wasn't a good fit for me. The only thing is the weight of my hats does make the hanger droop. 

I bought a Desk Fan initially to clip on to the Peloton bike but then I found other uses for it as well. Whenever I blow-dry my hair I'm so hot so now I put this on the sink when my drying my hair. My work desk is my dining room table by the window so it's a little hot there with the sun beaming in even though I have the a/c on. The fan charges through the port in your laptop. It does make a sound so you always know it's on.

3 Tier Bag Stand is a great way to display your small handbags in your closet. 

Vaccination Card Holder is a perfect way to make sure your card doesn't get bent out of shape.

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