Kitchen Organization Hacks

I've been working on reorganizing my kitchen over the quarantine. I bought new dishes as I felt I didn't have the right sizes. With more new stuff coming in, I had to start purging other stuff and figure out better ways of organizing my small kitchen. For instance, I'm always buying Starbucks mugs when I travel but don't have space for all of them in my cabinets. I donated a bunch of dishware to Goodwill and then got down to business of reorganizing everything else. 

These containers have made all the difference!  I keep my vitamins on this 2 tier lazy susan in my pantry which makes it easy to just rotate to find what I'm looking for. Then I keep all my bottles in the pantry on this rotating turntable. Before when I wanted to get rice vinegar I would have to pull every bottle out to find the one in the back that I wanted. You could also use this for canned vegetables.

I'm guilty of buying yogurt and not eating it. So this narrow storage bin  in my fridge has been great to have all my yogurts in one place and I line them up according to expiration date. Otherwise yogurt would be hiding in the back of the fridge and I'd forget about it. I also put LaCroix cans in it as I only chill a few at a time. (I like the watermelon flavor)
This pan organizer has been amazing! I now have my pans lined up inside my bottom kitchen cabinet. 

I originally bought this as a gift for my mother but she didn't want it so I kept it. I don't drink coffee but I do drink low cal hot chocolate or matcha lattes. This small device is only 9 inches tall and looks very modern in my kitchen. It has four settings for heating milk and foaming milk. Almond milk doesn't foam up as much as cows milk. This is a nice treat for my beverages! Now my mother wants hot chocolate whenever she comes to  visit and is jealous she didn't keep it when she sees how easy it is to use.

Food Container Lid Organizer is being used to store my Stasher bags which are reusable ziplock bags.

Love my Onion Keeper

I've been eating a lot of tacos this summer. These are sweet potato black bean tacos with 
with peach kimchi & citrus aioli. I bought this taco holder  so I can stand them up.

My next project is organizing my reusable water bottle collection and am thinking about getting this organizer.

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