Daily Harvest Review

Daily Harvest delivers frozen smoothies and plant based foods like pizza, harvest bowls,  breakfast bowls, soups, and energy bites. Everything arrives in the mail frozen and you keep it in the freezer until you're ready to use. I've known about this company for many years but never signed up because I thought I can make my own smoothies and that's more cost effective. I always saw Daily Harvest as a luxury item I wouldn't partake in. But as you know I also signed up for meal kit delivery, so I thought I would finally try this too. Mail order meal kits allow me to get healthy food while avoiding going to the grocery store and just stay home and feel safe. While I'm super lucky to be able to work from home, I don't know some days I don't have the energy to cook so I love just being able to grab an easy breakfast or lunch from my freezer.

I set up my account to only receive a box every other week. My AmEx card actually gives me a $25 rebate every time I order so check your card benefits. I get 14 items in each box for $94 which comes out to $8 a smoothie. But the plan is very flexible, you can order 16 items the next week if you want. What I didn't factor in is my freezer is already full, so it's a magic trick trying to squeeze everything in. lol So I highly suggest you empty your freezer first, then start this program.

My first three orders I made a point to order different things so I could try everything. I found the smoothies so easy for breakfast on the go. My blender is kind of delicate so I would put one smoothie cup in the fridge the night before so it's defrosted before I put it in the blender. I do think this makes the smoothie not be ice cold though. 

They have 5 categories of food that you can order: 23 smoothies, 18 harvest bowls, 5 cheeseless flatbreads, 10 soups, 6 oat bowls, 4 chia bowls, 4 ice creams, 5 energy bite options and 4 latte flavors. Every month they are adding new flavors. It's mailed frozen in a 100% compostable, recyclable packaging. The cardboard box, cups, lids,  and insulated bag surrounding the dry ice are all recyclable. The liner that holds the dry ice is biodegradable (made from recycled denim) and can either be brought to a fabric recycling facility or tossed in the trash. The Harvest Bowls are made out of molded pulp and can be curbside recycled or composted.  Their products are 95% organic and vegan. You add your choice of milk or coconut water to the smoothies. 

The flatbreads are not made from flour, but vegetables and then are also topped with vegetables. I was skeptical about this, but it was actually delicious and filling. The harvest bowls are like frozen meals without protein. I think most people add some sort of protein to it to make it more filling. 

If you don't have time to prepare healthy superfoods, sign up for Daily Harvest, there's zero prep work! 
I didn't try any of the soups because it's summer and too hot to eat soup.  The oat bowls were delicious and filling! So if you want the convenience of a frozen meal, but still want it to be healthy, give Daily Harvest a try. Use my code RE-6YVDVG4 for $25 off your first box!

These are my favorite flavors, the pictures are from their website but just know that yours won't be overflowing or with garnishes.
Acai + Cherry
Mint + Cacao
Carrot + Cinnamon

Mulberry + Dragon Fruit Oat Bowl
Cherry + Dark Chocolate Oat Bowl

Hazelnut + Chocolate Energy Bites

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