Reorganizing My Kitchen and Taming Clutter

Having a clean, uncluttered kitchen counter sets the tone for me when I come home, it feels calm and refreshing like everything is in order. But for me, the kitchen counter is one of the most difficult places to keep uncluttered with paper and it’s the last place I feel like cleaning as it just stresses me out with dread. The kitchen is the first room I walk into when I get home thus I end up emptying my purse of papers and opening bills all on the counter, and there the collection stays because it’s convenient. In Marie Kondo’s book I read that one of the most essential steps in organization is that everything you bring into your home must have a proper home. I already have a spot for my keys and purse, but have been lax with paper. Since I know I’m prone to paper clutter, I've adopted a new habit of not putting anything down on my counter. Because once I put one thing down, the volume just grows Living in a small space its sometimes much easier to leave the things I use daily out instead of trying to find a place to store them. But now I won’t leave the room while there is stuff on the surfaces. I also created a small corner in my kitchen where I will keep a cup holder of pens. The idea is to create new habits to form clutter free surfaces. 

You can find my spice rack here.

 I've also discovered that one of the best ways to keep a clean kitchen is to organize your cabinets because when cabinets are not organized, I’m less inclined to put things into them. I emptied out the junk draw in my kitchen which was filled with appliance manuals. In living here 8 years I have never once had to use them so I felt ok throwing them out. I figure a repair won’t need the manual. I organized my kitchen utensil drawer which I was constantly digging through to find whatever I was looking for. I couldn't buy a drawer organizer for it because the slots were not the right size for the things I kept in here. Plus I also kept my aluminum foil/plastic wrap/ wax paper in there and that was always as hassle to rearrange everything to pull out. So I took out those 3 boxers I had of wrap to create more space in one drawer. Now I hang them up on the side of the under sink door with adhesive hooks which makes it much easier to access the boxes. Then I found that Bed, Bath and Beyond sell small plastic boxes that I mixed and matched and put 3 into my drawer to help create some order. I have a huge collection of plastic food containers that I don’t use, so I took those out of the cabinets to create space for all the odds and ends I was keeping on my counter. I’m absolutely thrilled with how much better my kitchen looks as everything is organized and easy to reach!

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  1. I need to organize my cupboards and drawers, it always feels so much better when things are neat!