Kitchen Gadgets Worth Your Money

I'm sure you've gathered from all my recipe posts  that I love to cook. I wanted to post an update to my last post about kitchen gadgets. In it I featured a strawberry huller, well when I made strawberry mimosas with the glitter champage bottles, I asked a friend to prep all the strawberries for me. She raved about the strawberry huller and said she needed one too!

Citrus reamer I bought this to juice grapefruit and it's perfect for the job!  It can also be used to juice oranges, lemons and limes as well. You cut the fruit in half, hold it in one hand while the other hand juices it. It's much easier to use than a traditional lemon juicer and doesn't leave any juice behind. I plan on using this for grapefruit margaritas.

Food chopper  I use this powerful chopper all the time to make hummus, pesto, cashew cream, salad dressing, desserts made with dates, and creamy sauces. This comes in a dozen colors, I got mine in green to match my kitchen. It can hold 3.5 cups and it's small size makes it easy to clean. 

Japanese Rice Washing Bowl Every time I'd read a recipe for quinoa it would always say rinse first and I'd think how am I going to rinse something so small? Well I bought this rice washing bowl which has tiny holes and is perfect for the job. Since I eat a lot of quinoa I know I will get a lot of use out of it.

Tofu Press I've been eating tofu since high school. Back then I would freeze tofu to get a firm texture. Now I buy TwinOaks Tofu which is different than any other brand of tofu on the market. It really is extra firm unlike what others claim. However it still has a little water in it and that makes it hard for me to marinate and season tofu properly. I've heard people talk about pressing tofu for years but the idea of taking out books to do so seemed like a messy hassle.  But after buying this press, I now can fry up tofu and it soaks up the sauce and burns like it's supposed to! This is definitely a must have for vegetarians! 

Black Salt Since we're on the topic of tofu, I have to share this new to me seasoning that makes scrambled tofu taste like scrambled eggs. It has a very distinctive sulfurous taste.
Since I'm often looking up recipes online to cook, this stand makes it easy to keep my phone proped up on the kitchen counter.

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  1. I love the idea of the strawberry huller...definitely need to add that to my kitchen!

  2. I have that simple wooden citrus juicer, it's one of the things I use most in my kitchen!

  3. That phone stand is genius! I need one. I also could use a rice rincer. I actually never even knew there was such a thing.

    1. The phone stand is the best invention ever!