Must Haves for Healthy Blonde Hair

I've been a blonde for about 5 years now and let me tell you it's not easy maintaining platinum hair. I discovered a beauty secret from the stars as I was tipped off in a couple magazine articles that Khloe Kardashian and Rita Ora were using a product called Olaplex to go blonde. Olaplex is a revolutionary new product that stops breakage during the coloring process. It's insurance for your hair and makes it stronger than it was before. The line consists of  three products, the first two your stylist uses during the coloring process. And the No.3 bottle is a lower concentration of the other two products that you use weekly at home. In the two months, I've used No.3 I've noticed a difference in my natural curl pattern as its getting curlier. It's a game-changing treatment!

In addition, your hair needs Protein, Moisture, and Natural Oils. Protein strengthens hair, Glycerin moisturizes hair, and Oils make your hair shinier. I rotate nightly through different leave in sprays and put oil just on my ends.
Terax Life Drops I heard about this product in both Christie Brinkley's and Molly Sim's books. It's an Italian brand that is a leave in conditioner with silk and wheat protein that seals in color and locks in moisture. I spray my ends with this and it smells amazing!

It's a 10 Leave In (comes in two formulas and I'm using the one for blondes) This drugstore product has been around awhile and it's still a stellar product. It has silk protein and panthenol which make my hair so soft and prevents split ends. Panthenol helps your hair retain water which increases volume. I use it a heat protectant from my flat iron.

Camellia Oil Every time I'd look at the ingredients of an expensive product like Shu Uemura or a number of face oils at Sephora, they all have camellia oil. Camellia oil has been used in Japanese beauty for centuries because of its rich in vitamins, antioxidants and omegas and as absorbed quickly. I put a touch of this on the ends of my hair nightly to seal it from split ends and also use it as a face oil.

Glycerin I bought this from Whole Foods and keep in a spray bottle as I discussed in Protecting Blonde Tresses.

I also use a sulfate free shampoo - DevaCare Low-Poo. It has a low lather and is a gentle cleanser for dry, chemically treated, curly hair. Without the harsh chemicals most shampoos have, it won't strip hair. Instead it leaves your hair feeling moisturized, enhance your curls, reduces frizz and makes your hair feel soft.

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  1. Sweet! Need this! I just recently majorly lightened my hair and it needs a ton of moisture now!

  2. I am so bad with all this BEAUTY stuff, but my fine blonde hair needs some SUPPORT! Thank you!

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