Sports Bra Review

The experts say that sports bras have a limited run and that you need to replace them after extended wear because they stretch out. I've switched out my old sports bras  for these two. On the left is the Nike Pro Rival that I use for running. As I was making my Vision Board and flipping through all my old issues of Women's Running Magazine, I saw this bra in two issues. What's so unique about it is unlike the typical sports bra that gives you a flat uni-boob, this one keeps you perky and separated. I almost feel like Laverne and Shirley in their sweater sets. lol  It's made of dry fit fabric so it stays dry after a tough workout. For my yoga class, I bought the Lululemon Energy Bra because the design looks so pretty with my backless shirts. If you're well endowed and looking for a high and medium support sports bra, check these out.

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