Supermodel Beauty Secrets!

I know everyone has different skin types and concerns, but here are some women who have tried virtually every beauty remedy out there. For a product junkie like me, they listed all the things you need to look pretty so you know what to splurge on. They also reminded me to book more appts with my dermatologist and aesthetician as they play a big role in keeping skin healthy and youthful.

The Everyday Supermodel by Molly Sims, 2014, 336 pages.
I waited a year for my local library to get this book which it never did, so when I saw the kindle version on sale for $2 I bought it. After reading it I realized I should have bought this book when it first came out, it's that good! Molly is 42 years old and had her first child at 39 and looks stunning! You might remember her from the TV show Vegas or her numerous issues in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She has an awesome lifestyle blog. She's serious about her supplements and recommends biotin and silica. Molly recommends light peels to bright your skin. Like me, she's a fan of natural products and recommends some lines I hadn't heard of. She shares all the procedures she's had done at the dermatologist and her favorite workouts in NYC. For hair, she recommends It's A 10 leave in conditioner which I had also read was a must have product by Gabrielle Union in a magazine. Both Molly and Christie swore by Terax. Since I color my hair I'm always looking for new products to strengthen it. Molly proudly said she'll color her hair until the day she dies! lol Me too! And her mother wore earrings and lipstick while in the hospital. lol Molly admits to regular botox injections and coolsculpt on her abs. She gives a lot of pregnancy advice. She juices daily and does a liquid cleanse a couple times a year. Molly is working on her second book! 

Timeless Beauty by Christie Brinkley, 2015, 208 pages
Christie is 61 years old and looks amazing at her age! I had mixed feelings about this book because it seemed like it was done to promote her beauty line so it didn't feel it as genuine as Molly's book. Christie said smiling was her beauty secret and talks about being positive and happy, yet she's been divorced 4 times so all that smiling must not be working out for her. She starts off saying she just recently stopped eating fish, then describes her diet as "mostly vegan" and eats probiotics with her yogurt every morning. I don't understand why she doesn't call herself a vegetarian since she eats dairy??? She lists all the supplements she takes including BioSil for her hair, skin and nails (which I found at Whole Foods). She says she never skips wearing mascara because "it's the single most important thing you can do to change your face." I completely agree as I've been wearing mascara almost daily since middle school. She swears by sugar water as an old-fashioned trick to hold hair and how it works better than any other product out there. I smiled when I read that because my mother has been using this technique her whole life.  She shares her favorite hair products and recommends the best lasers at the dermatologist. 

Becoming by Cindy Crawford, 2015, 256 pages

Cindy is turning 50 this month, can you believe it! She has her own beauty line and furniture collection. Her book doesn't share any of her beauty secrets, but I'm including it here because she is a supermodel. The book is more a coffee table book collection of her photographs and her relationships with all her photographers, including one who told he he'd never work with her again. She talked briefly about her childhood and start into modeling. Then she discusses her iconic photos - the cover of George magazine, the Pepsi commercial, George Michael's "Freedom!" music video. Her decision to pose for Playboy twice and includes those photos in the book. There's only a brief mention of her ex-husband Richard Gere, but a sweet chapter on her husband now. She reminisces on her exercise videos - remember those? Don't expect much juice out of this book, just a small snippet into her life and it's a quick read since it's mostly pictures.


  1. These are a great list of books that I need to pick up and read. Older super models are looking younger and younger. I always thought it was because of plastic surgery and the fact that they have a ton of money and can purchase the latest and greatest skin care and beauty products out there. However, I find that just simply eating healthier is the key to most of these model's beauty secrets. I am so glad I have gotten on the band wagon to eating healthy. thanks for sharing.

  2. Great picks! I love Molly Sims. She is a classic beauty to me.