Girls Show

The HBO show Girls is not the modern day Sex and the City mainly because it's more realistic. The show is about four college educated girls in their early 20s living in Brooklyn struggling to find a job and always broke. So no fancy fashion like SATC and the parties are underground. Another difference is there's a lot more disrespect from men, awkward moments, and ambiguity in relationships. The main character Hannah (Lena Dunham) is an aspiring writer, self-absorbed, suffers from OCD, bounces from job to job and is often filmed undressed on the show which isn't the norm on TV since she's average weight. The humorous parts of GIRLS are the most self-depreciating parts. It also shows how unstable their friendships are, I mean it's actually unclear if all 4 of them are friends or if they secretly hate each other but stick around? My favorite character is British born Jessa, the long-haired bohemian who is free spirited and in and out of rehab. Though she doesn't seem to get much air time on the show, some of the boys get more air time than the 4 main female characters. Funny thing I just noticed, every season is always filmed in the summer time. The show is fun to watch and you can catch up with episodes on netflix. Season 5 starts February 21!

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