Water, Water, Everywhere

For rainy days you're going to need yourself some good rain gear! While I can't control my umbrella blowing the wrong direction, I can make sure I wear a stylish trench coat for in-between fall weather and rain boots for all those puddles I walk through. Rain boots really are the best investment you can make for yourself!

However my boots always separate at the seam so I end up buying the same pair of boots every year! After walking through a muddy corn maize at night in the pouring rain a couple week ago my boots couldn't handle the pressure and I ended up with wet feet which was the worst feeling ever! 

I was trying to decide if I should buy yet another pair of the same boots or invest in a more expensive pair. But upon reading reviews for other boots people said they leaked too so I decided to repair my boots. I bought this Shoe Goo for $5 that comes in clear or black, I got the clear. I was nervous about gluing my fingers together but it was a pretty clean application and easy to use. I put a thin coat along the seams, let it dry overnight, then put a second coat on. Did a test in my bathtub and my boots are indeed sealed!

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