Dr Oz show

My mom loves the Dr Oz show! Did you know he's a vegetarian? He comes on twice a day here and my mom often calls me at work to print out whatever he was talking about. Then she buys so many of the products he recommends! Do you know how many random vitamins he recommends? lol I swear he recommends everything under the sun, every diet gimmick of the month! While he can be a good source of health info like explaining why you have a constant cough, he also gives bizarre advice like don't buy ice cream that has frost on it.

I was able to score some tickets for his show and we were asked to wear bright colors, no white. Men are asked not to dress too casual. First there's two hours waiting which was annoying, once in the studio he filmed two episodes (in the same outfit) so that was another two hours. We sat in the front row only to have the cameras obstruct our view. Dr Oz's mic isn't loud enough for the audience and he doesn't really interact with the audience. You're better off watching him at home on TV.  I have to say that the live experience wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

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