Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara Review

Every Sunday I check the CVS flyer to see what's on sale for the week and they had Maybelline mascara for $5 and I thought that's a steal! I've never used this mascara before but was open to giving it a try. Mascara is the one beauty item I can't live without, if I leave the house with only one piece of makeup on it will be mascara. Trying out new mascaras is fun because I'm obsessed with seeing what's new in the mascara world. I can usually tell if I'm going to love something or not after the first application and this mascara was no different. I got a mascara in my October Ipsy bag which went straight in the trash after one use. lol

When I opened the Maybelline I thought the brush was broken (see that dent in the wand in the picture) and considered returning it to the store. lol I do my mascara sitting on my white couch every morning as I watch the Today show and eat breakfast. But with the "broken" wand I thought I better not lean back on the couch and have this wand fall off. lol It gives the brush a very light feeling during application but there's never a need to bend the brush so I don't really see the use of it.

It's billed as a gel-mousse mascara that promises that your lashes are never brittle or get flaky because it has 40% less hard wax. But the flexor brush is so flimsy I find it hard to work with. The mascara does give extremely long lashes with a clump free application but it does not give thick volume. I thought application took a bit longer than usual because of all the coats I had to do. Once dry it gives lightweight lashes, so soft to touch. Taking it off with just water is a pretty clean affair, I don't end up with raccoon eyes and then I can tell the formula is a bit different. I wouldn't buy it again, but I'll keep using it until the tube is empty. lol

My mascara pet peeve is:  Do you get confused over what color mascara to buy. I mean there's "very black",  "blackest black", and "black drama", what's the difference? I just want black! lol

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