Target finds and the White Blazer

I don't get out to the movies much, I pretty much catch everything on netflix. But when my friend H invites me out to the movies, it's always her pick and it always ends up being a great choice. We saw the movie About Time  which is a British romantic comedy about a family of time travelers. You must see it!

In one scene a woman was wearing a white blazer that I just looked brilliant! So I just bought my first white blazer which is a wardrobe piece I've been wanting for awhile for work but never thought it could be worn at night too. But after googling celebs in white blazers to get an idea on how to style it I saw it's quite a popular look! It can be paired with jeans, black leggings, or a nice dress. Then I checked out Target and saw that they have some really nice pieces perfect for holiday parties coming up!

Can you tell I'm a KimK fan? lol

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