Re-designing my shoe closet

I love shoes and love organization. Here's what my coat closet looks like now. I removed the coats to show you what the back of the closet looks like. I feel like I'm always searching for shoes because I can't really "see" them. Plus I don't have space for my summer shoes, full sneaker collection, my boots are hidden, and I have more shoes still in boxes in my other closet. So I'm going to put up shelves to showcase my shoe collection. I had someone come in yesterday to take measurements and I'm hoping it will be done in the next week or two!

Before I have the shelves installed I'm trying to decide what color to paint the wall. What do you think?
I should mention that I decorate for me and no one else, don't care about the resale value because I can always paint over it, after all it's just paint. I choose things I like that make me happy. Although it may seem like a waste of time to most to paint a closet, it is something I see at least twice a day, and it will brighten my day to pull my shoes out of this closet. So be part of my selection process! What color should I paint my closet?

Would you consider making such a bold statement with your closet painting it pink? To sway the votes lol ....

The other option is wallpaper, but I'm not sure you'd even see it in such a small space? But I love me some damask pattern!

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