Happy 200th Blog Post to Me!

You are reading my 200th blog post!  It might not seem a lot but to think I've done this 200 times already. When I started it in March I didn't know how long I would keep up this blog so I've really surprised myself. I'm super big on celebrating milestones, shoot last year I celebrated my birthday twice! Had a half birthday party 6 months after my birthday! lol This blog has been visited from 27 countries. The top three are: #1 USA, #2 Canada and #3 UK. Special shout out to the person who visits from an Anonymous Proxy! lol

So here's my Academy acceptance speech:
Thank you all for coming and visiting me as it has been a ton of fun to write about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. I hope you have enjoyed it too. Please let me know if there is something you would like me to write about. 

To celebrate I've changed my blog header, what do you think? Be sure to check out my blog on Friday for a big surprise!

Here's a recap of some of my most popular posts:

My Races
                  Electric Run                                     Color Me Rad                                     Warrior Dash      

My Recipes 
            Breakfast Burritos                                 Vegetarian Paella                        Anna's Super Oatmeal

Shakeology flavors
These are best made with Vanilla Shakeology, the flavor and nutritional content will not be the same with another brand.
                  Pumpkin Pie                                       Apple Pie                                 Snickerdoodle

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