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I was searching my email for something and came across a receipt for an online purchase I made last year for these bright purple sequin boots:

Well since it's already chilly outside I wanted to wear them. Now I don't recall ever wearing these boots before but I do remember that my lazy ass never went back to the store to return them. lol  So I looked through my closet and couldn't find them, but I know they're in there somewhere, in the deep abyss of my closet. lol I recently reorganized my jewelry so that I can actually see what I have.  So I've come up with the idea to transform the back of my coat closet into this:

To prep I took out all my heels and came up with some surprise finds that I forgot I ever bought. lol I also threw out some shoes and then realized I am lacking an animal print shoe and a red shoe. So naturally I hit up my favorite shoe store to fill this void. I did finally find those purple boots (and a birdcage I lost lol), can't wait to wear them!

Mark your calendar, Target is putting all their fashion boots on sale after Thanksgiving! They normally cost $40, check out their ad:

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