Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer

This is a continuation of my last post How to Look Expensive on a Budget. The two places you should invest in are your shoes and bags.  A great pair of shoes make an outfit. I heard someone say that she makes shoe contact before she makes eye contact. So a nice pair of shoes goes a long way. Paired with a nice handbag no one is going to care what you’re wearing. Pointy shoes will make you look more high end. Somehow it elongates your body and makes you look taller and leaner.  It's very modern and on trend. Neutral colored shoes gives you the most elevated look.  Nudes and neutrals look fresh, think coffee and cream shades, hence why nude heels are on trend. Choose timeless styles for investment pieces in shoes as it will uplift your whole look. If you can, try to match your shoes with your bag.

It's time to spring clean your closet and really go through all your shoes and donate the ones that you don't wear any more to make space for new shoes.  I donate my old sneakers to Zappos Souls for Souls program who gives you a free shipping label for your old sneakers which they send to people who need them around the globe. Once you make space, organize your shoes so you can see them so you know exactly what you have.

Since I live in the city, I walk everywhere up to an hour. So for me, shoes have always been utilitarian. Meaning, since I have sensitive feet, my only thought when buying shoes was to buy comfortable shoes for long walks. When I worked in the office, I walked to work and went on a lunch walk so I wore "walking shoes" (not sneakers) to work and kept one pair of shoes in the office to wear. Thus, I was wearing the same shoes everyday at work. I'm not a big shoe collection person, I don't think I have as many shoes as the average woman and can go on vacation with only two pairs. 

My office said we may return to the office this fall so I decided to go out and buy all new flats because footwear are the foundation of your wardrobe. I purchased these four shoes online but since I haven't received them yet I can't recommend them yet as comfortable shoes. But in my research these four matched my criteria of stylish, timeless, pointy shoes in neutral palette colors that will elevate my outfits. So I plan to be ready for a post quarantine comeback! You can find dupes for these shoes on goodnightmacaroonshein,  H&M, and ebay. Here are the names of the shoes pictured  that you can find in many stores:

Chanel Slingbacks (come in multiple heights)
Gucci Princetown Loafer (come in full back  and various colors)
Nicholas Kirkwood D'Orsay Ballerinas  (come in 5 colors and different styles)
Valentino Studded Flats (come in various heights, styles and colors)

Espadrille Wedge 
They are back on trend for this spring and summer. Traditionally they've been made in Spain since the 1800s by hand out of jute fiber. Originally they were flat but can also be high heeled made and from a woven rope sole. I’ve always loved the stylish look of them, something you would picture yourself wearing with a sunhat and off the shoulder dress walking the streets in Europe in the summertime (not recommended for cobblestone streets). You can never go wrong with espadrilles. The look is always timeless as they create a casual effortlessly chic look.
 Here's a pretty one in a neutral color from Target and one from Jack Rogers.

Pointy Loafer
I know a few years ago the Gucci sliders with fur were trending and Target still carries the dupe. But please toss them out. Once at work, I looked over at the feet in the next bathroom stall and saw those shoes and thought the fur is picking up every germ from the bottom of the floor, gross! Get the furless version and retire your round ballerina flats.  Amazon

 (I know this is the furry version but I love the color combo of matching the velvet Gucci Marmont bag with the velvet loafer)

Braided heels
Everyone is duping the Bottega Veneta heels that retail for $1270. So many brands are making their version of this  mule. H&MVince CamutoASOS or Express

Dad Sandals
When I was a kid my mother swore by her Birkenstock sandals so I've always been anti wearing them. But I keep seeing everyone wearing Chanel's Dad Sandals. They came out a few years ago and they continue to be doing great and are comfortable. I'm not a fan of this trend and it pains me to even mention but had to include them since they don't seem to be going anywhere. Asos version or H&M or Amazon or Loft

Classic White Sneaker

Not talking about a gym shoe, but check out the casual white sneaker. You can wear this with a dress or jeans. Every major designer is making some kind of sneaker, you can't go wrong with them, especially this year where comfort is key. But you have to keep them clean. Tucking in your shoelaces in sneakers is trending! It looks a bit more polished, gives the sneaker more of a shoe vibe, gives you a more streamlined look and is so chic. I got these sneakers and here are some cheap options at  TargetTarget2  and Walmart and then many more options below. The Frye sneakers are leather and the stylish Veja vegan sustainable sourced sneakers became popular thanks to Meaghan Markle (I might have to get those too). I included some Gucci sneaker dupes with a pink back. I think you'll find the list to be full of elevated white sneakers that will give you a clean, classy look for the best outfits. (I purposely omitted Golden Goose options.) Just keep in mind these aren't athletic sneakers, they're casual lifestyle sneakers so they will feel different. 

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