The Most Instagrammable Spots in Miami

Miami Beach is one of my favorite spots for a long weekend getaway! I think April is the best time to go, in March the nights are cool and the water cold. The summer is obviously too hot and humid, fall is hurricane season, hotel prices are sky high in December. Who doesn’t love a piece of the tropics in the US with palm trees, beach, and colorful backdrops. I went on my second Zumba cruise with a friend and we did a girls weekend in Miami before the cruise. We were joking around that when we reach our golden girl stage we should buy a condo together in Miami to have for the off season.

Ocean Drive
Is the place to be seen, it’s an 8 block street that is often blocked off by the police for various purposes so it ends up being for pedestrians only. I don’t recommend going to any of the restaurants there as they are overpriced tourist traps that lure you in with enormous drinks. But it's a pretty palm tree lined street in the heart of south beach.

Citibike / boardwalk
For $6.96 we rented bikes for an hour and rode along the boardwalk. I highly recommend doing this in the morning when less people are out, otherwise you will be zig zagging through people hoping not to hit someone. I saw a few people having their friend take their picture while riding so of course we had to follow suit. lol

In the warehouse district of Miami you will find a free outdoor mural gallery that frequently changes as well as art galleries and restaurants. more pics here

Lifeguard stands
The colorful lifeguard stands are my  favorite things to see. They’ve been around since the 1990s and each is painted a different color scheme from the next. There are 36 lifeguard towers along the coast line of Miami Beach.

Is a new Asian Fusion restaurant that is decorated so beautifully! The drink menu is very innovative and everything we tried tasted delicious! They often have a Chinese dragon dance through the restaurant.

Another favorite site is the gilded skeleton of a 10 foot tall woolly mammoth at the Faena hotel. It's next to their pool and the Tree of Life bar which has the best froze.

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