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A couple of my friends were doing Sober October so I decided to join in to get my weight loss goals on track. I noticed the market has an increase in alcohol free bottled spirits. I made an honest list here of what is worth trying and what was not to my liking. These booze free beverages have unique complex flavors that go beyond sparkling waters. Perfect if you're looking for something special to drink instead of wine at night. If you're participating in Dry January, save this list!

Kin Euphorics is a buzzy booze-free beverage brand that adds adaptogens to all its drinks. They also have a Kin Dream Light which has melatonin to help you sleep. To be honest I found everything in their line tasted terrible and bitter. But they had a beautiful unboxing experience.

Curious Elixirs 

They ship super fast, almost over night. The various flavors all tasted good. But when I did the cost assessment, their bottles are smaller than my GTS kombucha bottles but are 3x the price. These cocktails combine organic juices, spices, herbs, roots, barks, botanicals, and adaptogens. And no added sugar. I found these to taste similar to kombucha. They described No. 1 as similar to a Negroni, but I would say it's a cross between pomegranate juice and cough syrup. They described No. 2 is akin to a non-alcoholic Dark & Stormy, I would it tasted like a ginger beer.  No. 3 is a nice bubbly light lime/cucumber drink. They described  No. 4 as similar to a Aperol Spritz but I would say it's a light sparkling orange juice, not wine like. They have a new flavor No. 5 that they describe as a smoked cherry chocolate old fashioned but I haven't tried it. 

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin 

They use classic gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander seed, and citrus. I don't drink gin so I didn't know how to rate it. But I tried a non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic and it tasted good, but it could have been all the sugar in tonic. When I bought tonic water at the grocery store I was surprised the register beeped signaling I was buying alcohol  so I looked at the ingredients and saw quinine (which is used to treat malaria) and a ton of sugar! Monday Zero is $40 a bottle or 3 for $84 with free shipping. They ship super fast. 

Health-Ade Kombucha Bubbly Rose

You can find this kombucha in your local grocery store and it's made from a superfood blend  of hawthorn berry, mangosteen and pink rose. It tastes like you're drinking a bottle of rosé!


Proteau make two flavors: Ludlow Red and Rivington Spritz. Ludlow Red is a botanical apéritif  made from natural ingredients like blackberry, violet, and black pepper, as well as fig vinegar, which gives it a deep red color.  While bubbly Rivington Spritz  is a lighter taste made from strawberry, rhubarb, and hibiscus. The bottles are next to impossible to open. The Ludlow Red tasted like a fig balsamic vinegar with a peppery after taste. Cost: $20

For Bitter or Worse

The brand sells three flavors and I tried two of them. They come in two sizes of bottles and the large bottle I couldn't figure how to close the fancy top. 

Eva's Spritz - has a slight fig vinegar taste but then finishes off as a rhubarb sparkling beverage. It's nice, but pricey at $24. I would have repurchased but they didn't have a Black Friday sale.

Saskatoon - was too bitter for me. 


A really nice sparkling white cranberry juice. You have to buy 3 bottles for $27. I would have repurchased but they didn't have a Black Friday sale. See Welch's sells their Sparkling White Grape juice at Target for $4.79. So if I can get the same thing for half price, that's a better buy.


Made from a combination of botanicals and  potent extracts of natural herbs result in a bitter beverage. I mixed it with lime and sugar to make it more drinkable. Shipping was super fast and the unboxing was very pretty. Unfortunately the top came off the beautiful bottle as I was opening the box.  Cost: $40.

CBD Bimble

Bimble is an all-natural, sparkling drink made with honey and 25mg of calming, broad-spectrum hemp extract. I really liked this drink, a 12 pack will cost you $75. 

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