7 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves

Linen outfits for summer

For your chic and classy summer outfits, the most important thing for your summer wardrobe is fabric choice.  Where I live the average temperature in the summer is 90F + humidity, so I have to dress strategically. Thus, fabric choice is key because I only want to wear natural breathable fabrics like linen, cotton and tencel/lyocell. The picture above is the vibe I'm going for; effortlessly stylish in linen. I feel linen looks upscale, polished and is a luxurious fabric. You do always have to steam it before you wear, but I also think people expect to see some wrinkles in linen. 

I do not wear polyester in the summertime because your body actually gets hotter in polyester and it shows all sweat stains and holds odors. I also don't wear any denim in the summer, it's just too hot. I want to wear breathable, wide leg pants or shorts. White linen pants have been a summer staple in my wardrobe for years. If you don't want to wear white pants, get beige linen pants. The list below is full of a natural fiber summer aesthetic. I also just did a post on what white t-shirts I will be wearing.

Never underestimate the important of great staple pieces, that's why I invest in elevated basics. When you spend money on premium quality pieces and pay attention to the fabric composition before you buy, those pieces will last a long time. Clothes have to fit you well, so if you've gained a little weight, you should pick up some new pieces that flatter your current shape. 

This list is full of high quality, versatile, essential pieces that are perfect for summer. They will create a sophisticated summer wardrobe of timeless outfits which will look more expensive. Investing in neutral colors  means you can wear the pieces many ways. Monochrome outfits give off that rich classy vibe. Styling is all about visual balance so when you can't wear layers in the summertime, accessorizing is the thing that makes a basic outfit look put together and polished. Thus, I included some links to straw hats and bags you can accessorize with to evoke vacation vibes.

Tank Tops

I noticed that tank tops were a gap in my wardrobe so I bought everything linked below because they are such a versatile piece.  The cotton tanks pair nicely with wide leg linen pants. I think a ribbed cotton tank top is so beautiful. You want balance in your outfits, so if you're wearing a fitted tank top, you should wear a looser bottom. Likewise if you show skin on top, cover up on the bottom and vice versa. The all-tight look (fitted top with skinny jeans) looks a bit dated now.                                                          
Banana Republic (made from viscose so it's softer than a cotton tank, the cream color is more elevated than a stark white)
Old Navy (I've never owned a bodysuit before but saw a woman on tiktok who is a size 16 wearing this and it looked amazing on her)

Linen Shirt

I've shared both long sleeve and short sleeve options. I love the look of a long sleeve shirt with it's sleeves rolled up. But you could also wear the sleeves down for sun protection as linen is breezy and air can flow through it. You can get a matching set of a linen shirt with the same color linen shorts.

Banana Republic (purchased)
J.Crew (purchased)

Linen Shorts

Banana Republic (very similar to the next pair)
Banana Republic Factory (purchased in 2 colors)

Linen Pants

H&M (purchased)
H&M (purchased)

I got this linen face mask to go with my summer outfits. It's soft on the skin and doesn't come out the washing machine wrinkled. 

Straw Hat

I love Gigi Pip and Brixton hat companies and own hats from both of them. I have a large head so one size fits all hats do not fit me. A hat should not leave a line on your forehead. I started ordering from hat companies that have sizes and the quality in design is absolutely amazing and worth the investment! You may not think you're a hat person, but its just about finding the style that's right for your face shape. I have an oblong shaped face (like Blake Lively, Jennifer Garner, Liv Tyler, Chloe Sevigny, Gisele Bundchen, Sarah Jessica Parker ) so a floppy hat, a cloche, berets worn low and fedoras with wide brims work really well for me. When a hat sits low on my forehead it creates balance in the length of my face. Conversely, I wouldn't wear a boater hat or a hat that is too tall.  Hats go with almost any outfit and there's just something about hats that make you feel more confident. They give your outfit a personality while keeping the sun out of your face. I assure you, anyone can look good in a hat. I shared a little history on the Panama hat in this post. 

Straw Bag

I love rockin' a straw basket bag in the summertime! The rule of the thumb is to pick a bag that is proportionate to the size of your body. If you're a little wider in the middle, go for a larger bag. As a small crossbody bag is not going to flatter your body because the bag will draw attention to your body so you want to try to balance your silhouette. 


Get yourself a statement pair that flatters your face nicely that is also modern and stylish. Sunglasses always finish and elevate an outfit so you look more polished and put together. I think sunglasses can make you feel more confident in your look. Invest in a nice pair you will wear everyday that gives you that vibe and speak to your style aesthetic. 

Free People (I have these in 2 colors)
Dezi (I have the nude color)
Quay (my favorite sunglasses brand)
Amazon (dupe for Bottega glasses)

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