8 ways to style your white jeans for spring

This year white jeans have been a spring staple for me. I love them this time of year! You can pair them with anything and everything. It's a great wardrobe staple to have in the spring, but too hot for summer. In the past I would only think to pair them with a light pink top, but I think they elevate any top you put them with. I know you may be afraid of getting them dirty, but I don't sit in the grass in them and I don't wear them on a rainy day. You put a napkin on your lap when you eat. I have not gotten a stain on mine, but they are washable.

Here are some buying tips to make sure you get a flattering pair. First your waist band should always be mid-rise or high rise so everything is tucked in. Get good quality jeans so the fabric has weight and is thicker; that way it won't be see through or show every lump and bump. I bought these white jeans a few months ago and have been wearing them nonstop this spring. But if those are sold out here are some other options: mid-riseskinny jeans. bootcut. I've bought jeans from the LOFT for years and they are really good quality. This post talks about the benefits of bootcut jeans. 

White jeans are an easy and versatile way to feel put together and can be dressed up or dressed down. Here are lots of inspiration for you of color combinations that works well together paired with white jeans. So when you have nothing to wear, shop your closet and try one of these combos.

Black and White

When you don't know what to wear, pair black and white, it always looks chic and is an easy outfit combo that is super simple to do. 

Third Piece

When the weather is transitional, adding a third piece of clothing to your outfit adds the finishing touch to any outfit to transform it from boring to fab.  I bought this sweater blazer a year ago in dark camel and it's my favorite transitional piece to wear.

Striped shirt and Brown blazer

Blue stripe button down shirt

Yellow and white

Beige and white

Beige lightens up the outfit and looks very put together and intentional.

Navy and white

All White Monocratic Look

Anytime you put an all white outfit together it will look chic, polished and expensive. It's a tried and true formula that never goes out of style and works anytime of the year.

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