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My style journey started last year and since then my taste has evolved so much.  Fashion is something I’m super passionate about! The way we dress affects the way we feel. When you wear the right clothing, you feel like yourself and other people are going to compliment you on how great you look, and it just feels amazing. Fashion is a form of confidence and a way to communicate that feeling. Looking your best will elevate your mood. As my style evolves, my style resolutions for 2022 are that I want to try different silhouettes and grow my color palette. I don’t want to follow trends but rather know which colors and shapes look best on my body type. These days fashion trends have a shorter shelf life than ever especially with social media. If you're stuck in a style rut, here are five things to try this year.

Balance Your Silhouette

Have you heard? Skinny jeans are out! The trend has moved away from the all tight look. Loose or tailored looks are balanced and make you look classy and elegant.

I discovered that for my body shape a bootcut or flare jean would complement my shape better. I have a rectangle body shape with some fullness in my belly and thighs. Skinny jeans actually make your thighs look bigger than they are, while a flare pant help to balance out your body when you have super skinny calves (which I do). I look better with a slighter larger pant vs a skinny jean. I’m not talking about wide leg pants, but rather bootcut, flare, or tailored trousers with a straight line. My strong advice to anyone who is carrying a little extra around the middle is to get out of your skinnies and make sure your pants are high waisted. 

I love my skinny jeans and haven’t worn bootcut jeans since high school but I bought this pair and now I'm hooked! A tip when buying bootcut jeans, make sure they cover half of your pointy shoes and should be as close to the floor as possible otherwise they will visually cut your leg. Bootcut flare balance out your shoulders and waistline. That's because bootcut matches the width on the top of your body so it’s almost a straight line. Likewise with tailored pants, they're not skintight and there’s the tiniest bit of flare on the bottom. 

When I do wear my skinny jeans, I will create balance with my outfit by wearing a more oversized sweater with it. For instance a puffed shoulder/sleeve tops balance out your hips and give you more of an hourglass shape. Trends have moved away from the all tight look. Loosely, tailored, balanced looks are classy, modest and elegant. Contrast dressing mixing tight and loose pieces and will add interest to your look. The all-tight look (fitted sweater with skinny jeans) looks a bit dated now.                                                          

Color Palette 

Last year I had a seasonal color analysis done to determine which colors look best on me. When you wear the right colors that flatter your skin tone, you will glow in those colors and look vibrant verses looking drab in the shades that don't flatter you.  My color palette is called dark winter (pic below) and thus bright jewel tones are considered much better for my skin. When you know your colors, you can easily plan your wardrobe color palette which helps you buy clothes that easily mix and match because they have the same amount of color saturation. Which in turn saves you money as you're making better purchases because you're only wearing colors that make you look good. Thus, allowing you to feel great with minimal effort. I’ve purchased a few new items in emerald green since that’s in my color palette and I really never wore that color before, I was all about olive green. 


Crystal Embellished Shoes 

Since we’re still in a panini and not going out as much as I would like to these days, I thought these shoes would get more versatility than heels.  When I got my colors done I was told fuchsia was my color, which I wouldn’t be caught dead in, thus it was suggested I purchase an accessory in that color. So, I figured I can wear hot pink shoes. I purchased the shoes pictured below, I got a slingback,  a low heel, and a flat which I love that, that makes them so wearable. When I combine them with jeans, vegan leather or a casual look these shoes create an effortless chic vibe. I think they are so stunning and  beautiful! 

The first pair of shoes are from Zara, it's no longer on their website, but take a look around because they copy designer brands and have so many unique colorful styles. The last pair of shoes you'll see I put a pink heart shaped insole because both pairs of pink slingbacks always fall off of my heel.
Option 2
                                                                                          {Krystin Lee}

Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather pants are super stylish. They bring a shine to any outfit and elevate it. And its versatility for daytime wear should not be underestimated.  They are more popular than jeans right now. I keep seeing them all over my social media, so no matter how you choose a style them they’re guaranteed to look cool. Leather is synonymous with sexy. The key element to style is contrast dressing such as mixing textures such as leather with a sweater. I bought these vegan leather pants from Ann Taylor. Here are some other options for you as well:

Striped Shirt

Striped tops are everywhere! It’s a French girl quintessentially Parisian staple. They look good on anyone and never go out of style. Vertical stripes may make you look thinner. Here are some black and white striped sweaters to choose from. I think they would pair well with anything red. I bought this sweater in black from Banana Republic.  Here are some more choices for you:

I recommend reading these fashion books to learn more about dressing for your body shape and color. Check out my other fashion posts  as I really felt inspired last year as I rediscovered my style and wrote some of my best posts. The Pantone color of the year is Peri (below), a blueish purple that you can expect to see a lot of in retailers this year. 

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