I've completed my 31 Day Closet Challenge and had fun shopping my closet doing so. My goal was to not buy any clothes for a month and I only cheated once when the Autumn Mustard collection went on sale. I used the Stylebook app to keep track of what I was wearing every day to make sure I didn't repeat any outfits to work for a month. I challenged myself to wear all dresses. It's been said before but I've never met an app more perfect for me than Stylebook! It's the best $4 I've spent on an app! 

Stylebook has inspired me to wear things I had forgotten all about. I love having a photo catalog of my closet! Remember when I remodeled my shoe closet? Well I took a picture of all of my shoes to catalog into the app and discovered that I hardly wear any of them. I put my shoes into this bookcase so I could see them because there's no point in having a lot of something if you're not using it. Now I'm thinking about donating half of them and gradually getting new pieces that fit my style better. The app also calculated how often an item of clothing has been worn which is something that will help me purge of unworn items.                                                                                                                                                   I love planning, organizing, making lists, and taking pictures of outfits. You may think it's a bit overwhelming to photograph your closet, but I've done so slowly. The shoes I did one evening while watching a movie, I set up a backdrop to do so. For the clothes, I do it daily, I photograph just the outfit I'm wearing that day. One quick snap then some editing later in the day. The app categorizes all of my clothes by tops, bottoms, accessories, etc and then later you can search by color! When you buy something new, you can just take the picture from the store's website (however I've found that the app makes those pictures smaller than one you take yourself). 

This is exactly what I will be needing when making packing lists for vacations! Previously I used to take pictures of me wearing every outfit but now everything is already categorized in my phone so its much easier to play stylist. 

The app only works on iphones and ipads. The tech supports answers questions quickly plus if you follow them on facebook they often post tips on better photography. If you're worried the app will take a lot of space on your phone they said that "Stylebook optimizes your images to fit on your device. Even closets with over 100 items can fit in less than 200MB." I highly recommend you download this app!

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