The Glo Run - race recap

The highlight of my weekend was running the Glo Run with the same friends I ran the Color Me Rad race with. I was curious how the Glo Run would compare to the Electric Run I ran last year. Both have loud music, bright flashing lights, glow in the dark stuff, and night time running. I’m not someone who normally runs in the dark, but this being my second night time race, I have to say I enjoyed running in the cool evening breeze. The afternoon of the race the forecast for the evening was supposed to be heavy rain, but it cleared up by race time and it was a pleasantly cool August evening in the low 80s without humidity.

I was pretty excited to sign up for a race in the city, however they made the packet pickup location 30 minutes away in the suburbs, not even near the subway line. Pretty inconvenient. When I arrived at the race I saw a lot of people were picking up their packets there, and then had to return back to their car to drop off the bag and change their shirt. Oh and they charged $15 for parking on top of the race price.

The swag for the Glo Run included a pretty cool reusable bag, the option of a neon pink or grey t-shirt and sunglasses (which no one wore). At the race we received 2 glow necklaces and 1 glow sunglasses.

It was really strange having the entire day ahead of me on Saturday. So I went to the movies and saw The Hundred Foot Journey. I took the subway to the race which was kind of awkward because everyone was staring at me wearing this bright outfit and probably thinking to themselves who has a race at night? lol The race started at 8:40pm and took place in a parking lot that was pretty well lit which I was happy about because the Electric Run was done in a mixed terrain area and I was worried about tripping in the dark.

Many people got creative with their outfits with tutus and neon pants/tights. One man dressed up as Madea! It was fun to look at what everyone came up with. The DJ was blasting fun tunes and getting the party started. They didn’t have an official photographer but told us to use their hashtag so they could find it to make a video out of it. We had fun taking a bunch of ridiculous pictures with the cool stuff that was set up. The race did not start in waves (5 minute intervals between groups) like other fun races I’ve done so we started off walking because there was so many people.

I thought the Electric Run had more glow stuff on the race course then the Glo Run did. The water station on the run was at the .75 mile mark, I would have preferred it been in the middle of the run. Still I jogged my way through some pretty awesome tunnels where they had a bubble machine, laser light shows bounced off the ceilings and strobe lights flashed to music. The volunteers cheered us on at every corner. This was definitely a fun run/walk with lots of families so it was a slow moving crowd, and I managed to finish in 32 minutes. When the race ended it wasn't clear that they even had water, until after awhile I heard the DJ say where to find it. We grabbed some free snacks - Nature Valley bars and Welch's gummy fruit snacks. There were food trucks there and the popular ones were the funnel cake and pizza trucks, not exactly healthy food options after burning calories. One thing to consider is even though they had a bunch of port-a-potties there, its pitch dark inside it at night so you won’t be able to use them.

Overall the Glo Run was a fun experience and I’d probably do it again. Although next time I’d get some glow in the dark face paint and shoe laces. After the race I went home and showered, and headed out to a birthday party! 

After a weak performance at the Color in Motion 5K  in April, I had been training hard for this race this summer with my running essentials, new workout clothes, and indispensable hair products. Tomorrow I'll post my summer running playlist. It's funny how I've evolved to become a runner. In September last year I said in this post:
I know that the treadmill will never, ever fully prepare you for running outside so on my fourth run I ventured outside because it was such nice weather. However I was reminded why I enjoy running inside: it was too distracting having everyone stare at me. lol The run felt so much longer and harder. I had to keep pushing myself to get through it and maintain a slow steady pace. I was thankful for every stop light and was super careful when crossing the street with my earphones in as just a month ago I read about a jogger that was hit by a bus. At one point I was so excited to see a water fountain that someone was drinking from until I got up close and found it had bird droppings all over it. #fail If I ever run outside again (highly doubtful) I need a handheld water bottle. That evening, despite stretching, my thighs hurt when I tried to sit down as if I had done a zillion squats.
In April this year I wrote a review about the handheld water bottle I started using. lol

Advice I wrote from the Color Me Rad race:
Have a small backpack or fanny pack to keep your belongings in. I ran with a plastic bag that contained my purse, not too convenient. lol 
Yes I wore a stylish fanny pack for this run that actually is worn on my back, which I took off for all pictures. lol Actually on the way there a drunk man on the subway carrying a wig inquired if I was wearing a fanny pack as if it was some offense. lol 

So if you're a beginner runner, have no fear, sign up for a themed run to get you started! If you need inspiration to run, check out this book I read titled Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run written by a British woman who just started running in her 30s.

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