My next adventure awaits in Bali!

I'm so excited I love traveling to South East Asia! I went to Bali when I was only 10 years old so I don't remember anything. The name 'Bali,' means a fierce warrior.

I read the book Eat, Pray, Love years ago and then saw the movie and it inspired me to want to go back to this beautiful country! I loved the scene where Julia Roberts is biking through the countryside, that is definitely something I want to do passing by rice paddies. I'd like to visit beautiful temples, eat some delicious vegetarian food, take yoga classes in an open air studio, relax on the beach and get some spa treatments. I took surfing lessons in Hawaii so maybe I'll try kite surfing in Bali or watch night surfing. There's no direct flight to Bali so my choices for a layover include Qatar, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, or Bangkok. What would you pick? I went with Bangkok, this will be my fourth trip there! It'll be a 22 hour flight to get there.

I've been shopping for maxi dresses because your legs have to be covered at Hindu Temples in Bali.
The dresses also need to be light clothing in natural, breathable fabrics, nothing that will wrinkle when I sit down and sweat. So I'm slowing building up a wardrobe for this trip. I'll also be packing lot of insect repellent with me!

I read that one of the great joys of life is having something to look forward to.  So I'm using a countdown app to countdown the days to my vacation. This season the Real Housewives of OC vacationed in Bali which made me more excited to go! Tamra and Heather bicycled through the rice paddies, the girls got fish pedicures, took an elephant ride and visited the monkey forest.

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