Face Contouring

When I was in Los Angeles I visited the NARS makeup store and saw they had a new contour blush. Later I checked out the videos on their website on how to apply cheek contouring which led me to research what's the best brush to use for this which lead me back to MAC. All my makeup brushes are from MAC and any makeup artist will tell you that the brush makes the makeup artist. The experts say that cheaper brushes really are just that, the quality, how it feels on your skin, and the shedding. I own the 168 Large Angled Contour Brush and the 129 Blush Brush and use NYX brush cleaner.

I spent a couple evenings watching makeup tutorials on youtube and honestly I haven't done that in years because I've really perfected my eye makeup look so I just haven't had a need to look back. I know eyeshadow looks go in trends so I try to keep up my style with what's popular at the moment just by seeing what other women do, switching up my look just staying fresh. If you ever end up with a broken eyeshadow check out this tutorial on how to fix cracked eyeshadow.

Kim Kardashian made cheek contouring popular because that's her signature look - the high cheekbones, but anyone can have that look with the right makeup. I bought this contour kit from Anastasia the famous brow makeup artist but you're in luck, groupon has this on sale for half price!

KimK wears a lot of foundation (on top of this), but I don't even own any. So here's my condensed version of how to do this look. I don't do the whole under eye concealer like she does because I find it hard to do right and always ends up looking too white (on myself and others).

You really do need a contouring brush to do this because it's more narrow. I start with a good face moisturizer, I find it helps hold my makeup better. Then you pick one of the brown shades from the compact, based on your skin shade. Next suck your cheeks in and draw a line where you cheeks naturally suck in.  I use L'Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter at the top of my cheekbone for my highlighter. It's an awesome drugstore find! Then I apply my blush in the area in between the brown line and the highlighter. Finally I use the middle yellow powder on top of the highlighter. I use a sponge to blend it all together. It's pretty simple to do!


  1. Can't believe I missed the groupon sale :( This in an amazing pallet!! Have you done a Vain Pursuits review yet?

  2. The groupon link is still live.