Closet Purge

I'm doing a massive closet purge! I've reached the point where I can't find things in my closet and literally have no room to add more one hanger to it. I was really cut throat in my selection of what pieces need to go, including my sentimental too small cocktail dresses. Because if I don't wear it anymore, why is it in my closet? You don't need to hang on to clothes for memories. So I ordered my 5th bag from Thredup. If you use my link we each get $10. Thredup is an online consignment store. They send you a huge plastic bag that you can fill with clothes with a pre-paid printed postage label on it to return. They will take pictures of your clothes and list them to sale on their site.  It's super easy and simple!

Other things I'm getting rid of:

I've never thrown a pair of jeans away and was surprised how many I had, I never thought of myself as a jean collector just wearing two in rotation. But it turns out I've never thrown out a pair and have quite a lot jeans that I never saw because they were at the end of my closet. I found out Zappos recycles denim and will send you a free label so you can ship your old jeans to them! "Denim is made mostly from cotton, a sustainable fiber, which can be broken down to its natural state and transformed into something new. By diverting denim away from landfills, where it would otherwise join the millions of pounds of textiles thrown out every year, it turns the cotton it receives into natural cotton fiber insulation, as opposed to harmful and chemically intensive fiberglass insulation."

Old Sneakers
As a runner I buy new sneakers every year and I finally found a pair of light pink sneakers that I've been searching for years! As I do every year, I donate my old sneakers to Zappos Souls for Souls program who gives you a free shipping label for your old sneakers which they send to people who need them around the globe.

Free T-shirts
On Netflix you might have seen the Marie Kondo show that shows inspiring home makeovers with tidying expert Marie Kondo. I read her books a few years ago and folded clothes vertically in my t-shirt drawer. It gave me a lot more space and I could easily see everything, but I also wore nothing. The drawer was a collection of free t-shirts from college, races, etc. I finally decided to let go of half of them. The rest I'm saving to make a t-shirt quilt out of, there's stores that make this for you. I realized I don't need all these extra tees around as I'm never going to do any dirty jobs like painting or gardening.

Old Costumes
This was a hard one. I've kept every costume I've ever worn, but I think I've only re-worn something once. I'd much rather wear new costumes and I don't fit most of the old ones so it's time to say goodbye. I'm listing everything for sale on Tradesy. I've sold 24 items of clothing on there already. It's super easy and way less stressful then selling on ebay. The way it works is you upload 3 pictures of the item you are selling.  Tradesy's commission rate is 14.9%. You can use your funds to buy stuff from their website or withdraw it from your paypal account for a 2.9% transfer fee. You have the option of using Tradesy's shipping kit for $10 which the seller pays for. After your sale is confirmed, Tradesy mails you a polybag and a pre-printed mailing label with tracking. Listing is free and your listing remains up indefinitely. If you use my link to Tradesy you get $20 off your first order of $50 or more.

Old Costume Jewelry
I think we all had this necklace in 2013. lol That rusted old bib necklace needs to be let go.

While I read a lot, all my books come from the library. Back in the day I used to buy all my books from amazon and have a whole collection of books at home that I will never read again. Marie Kondo says, "Once a book has been read, it has already been "experienced." She says to take every book off the shelf and pile it on the floor which I did in January. I asked on instagram what should I to do with them since my local library does not take donations. I was told to use the Little Free Library. So slowly over the course of the first half of this year I've been putting my books into them. It's a book sharing box that people put in front of their houses around the city.

Free Tote Bags
I have a huge collection of them! Grocery stores here charge for bags so I have my regular shopping bags, but way too many extras that I never use.

I have a closet full of every purse I've every used. In college I only wore Kate Spade, now I don't know who would want all those vintage bags? But I know I will never use them again so I have to bid them farewell.

All this made room in my closet to create a travel shelf. Every time I travel I can never find those travel specific items, now everything is in one place. So I can easily find my packing cubes, beach stuff, and my new favorite innovative travel pillow. 

I finally organized my top shelf sweaters into these bins.

I also excitedly organized my sunglasses so they are in one place and easy to find. Amazon has a lot of great sunglasses organizers to choose from! 1 2 3 4 5 6
My flower crown is on the bottom shelf, because you never know when you will need one of those! lol

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