Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love dressing up.  The Great Gatsby Party was my first big dress up event of the year. If you need a good movie to watch to get you into the Halloween spirit, I highly recommend The Book of Life, it's cartoon based on the Day of the Dead celebration. This year my costume is based on a comic book character, stay tuned. Here are some costumes I've had in the past, the first three pics were taken in the same place because I kept going to the same party every year.

                                                              Belly Dancer - I used to take classes



Day of the Dead - purple is my favorite color and I wanted the makeup to be different than the traditional
Thai Princess inspired by my 4th trip toThailand

Salt N Pepa

Buzzfeed did a hilarious article called 18 Halloween Costumes That Are As Ridiculous As 2016 Has Been. Here are my previous posts on what celebrities wore for Halloween:


  1. Very creative & cute ideas. I struggle every year with what to be for halloween and your post gave me a great one ! I went to Thailand this summer so now I think I know what I might be this year !

  2. Great costume ideas! I love the Day of the Dead theme. The mermaid is awesome as well!

  3. Okay, you seriously have the best costumes ever!!! Absolutely love all of your costume ideas!!

    xo Abby

  4. Love the Day of the Dead theme!! I just purchased some halloween leggings that had that theme. I can't wait to get them. Halloween is always a fun time!

  5. All these are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

  6. What a great costume u have! I love the peacock and mermaid. You look very sexy!:)

  7. So many great costumes! I love the Day of the Dead costume.

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com