Favorite Fall Recipes

In the last few years, I've come to appreciate Fall fo all the things the season offers. I love the changing of the leaves and seeing the pretty red leaves on the trees. I can finally enjoy the crisp air outside as this summer was just brutal. I'm going apple picking again later this month. Next month I'm visiting a new pumpkin patch. It's fun to get dressed in the Fall as I break out all my tunics, leggings, and boots along with layering with scarves and sweaters.  When it comes to food, Fall starts soup season and honeycrisp apples!

Here's a recipe for a Healthy Apple Walnut Bread that has no white flour, white sugar or oil and still tastes sweet and moist.

I will start making baked oatmeal again, particularly Apple Pie Oatmeal.

My lunch for work will start to be soup. One of my favorites is this lentil, coconut based soup with some Indian spices.

I'm already seeing but butternut squash in the stores so I plan on making some risotto with it.

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