Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is the story of Rachel Watson who post divorce has become an alcoholic and takes the train everyday (so her roommate still thinks she's employed) by her former house where her ex-husband now lives with his new wife and baby. Next door lives Megan and Scott Hipwell whom she does't know but appear to have the life she always wanted  based on what she views through the train.  Then one day as the train passes, she sees something shocking that fills her with rage. The following day she wakes up with bruises all over her body and no memory of what happened the night before, typical alcohol blackout. On the news she hears that Megan Hipwell is missing. So Rachel inserts herself in the case to "help" find Megan.

I listened to the book on Audible which takes place in London so all the characters had British accents. Thus, I was surprised to learn the movie was based in New York. However Emily Blunt's native British accent seems to go in and out during the movie. Rachel's self destructive behavior due to her alcoholism was the most fascinating part of the book but I don't think that plays out as much as it could in the movie. Emily Blunt didn't go through much of a physical transformation required for the role, just a  lack of make-up and I'm-so-pathetic manner. In an interview she said her cast mate Justin Theroux guessed she was pregnant during filming based on how she didn't really throw herself into action scenes.

The book is told from three female narrators, none of which you feel you can trust. The book shares a lot more back story than the movie does about each character, one critical scene was taken out I thought. The movie chose to tell this story in a non-linear format to stay true to the book. I couldn't stand Anna's character wearing a very obvious blonde wig.  Edgar Ramirez's character was just as mysterious in the movie as in the book. A lot his storyline from the book was also omitted from the movie so you didn't see too much of him. There was one curious moment in the movie where Dr. Abdics was asked his ethnicity but the director refused to go there. It was surprising to see Lisa Kudrow playing a much older role, she will forever be freeze framed for me as her age on Friends.

The trailer for the movie really makes it look like a psychological thriller, which the book is. I think since  I had read the book and knew the ending, it lost that heart pounding thrill for me. I still would rate it a great film with great performances. The book is still number one on Amazon, did you know last year Amazon had gone out of stock of it once?


  1. Wow, I love the preview and want to see the movie. I haven't read the book, looks like a great suspense film. This was a great review without spoiling it!

  2. It went out of stock?! That's crazy! I loved the book, still iffy on seeing the movie.

    Alix |

  3. Great review!! I loved the book so I'm super excited to go to the theaters and see the movie. I'm sad it's set in New York though. Why not have it set in London like the book? AND they made Emily Blunt the main character so she already had the accent needed for the role! I also had no idea Lisa Kudrow was in it! I'm actually watching Friends as I type this lol I'm glad it turned out to be a great movie and I really hope I love it just as much as the book.

    xo, Keating | Why Hello Lovely

  4. I have yet to read the book! I've heard it is really good though. I feel that every time I read the book and then go see the movie, I am so critical about it. I def want to see the movie though!