Plum Fall Colors

With fall in the air, warm apple cider are heating things up, pumpkin treats are making their debut, and fashionwise I’m wearing more layers. With that change, I feel I’m supposed to ditch the light hues of summer, namely my light pink handbag. This season I’m coveting all things in a rich dark plum color. Plum is a perfect transitional shade into fall, it’s darker and moodier, and the color I painted my bedroom.  I started being a Kate Spade fan in college and still have my entire collection of handbags, can’t bring myself to throw them away. I recently learned something new (to me), that Kate Spade sold her company a few years ago to start another company under a new name. Check out the story here. If you order from Amazon, on Oct 1 they started charging tax to DC residents so I put in a big order on Friday, my last tax-free one. Here are some bags I have on my wishlist, can’t decide which one to get, what do you think? I painted my nails Zoya Haven to match.

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