How To Style a Velvet Blazer

The Velvet Blazer is not just for holiday parties, you can wear it as outerwear in fall. It's a piece that has both substance and style. It's super soft and elevates any outfit I wear. You don't have to worry about it going on style, velvet is always on trend. It's such luxe fabric and I plan on wearing it all season long. A velvet blazer can take any outfit and give it that luxe elevated look. You can dress up any of your casual outfits and you will look chic and modern.  If you don't have one, you need to get one immediately and I've listed the best ones to get! This is the one statement piece you'll need to stand out! 

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How to Style a Velvet Blazer

You can pair your velvet blazer with the following options for a feminine and creative touch:
  • white corduroys
  • black slacks
  • leather pants
  • black jumpsuit
  • colorful dress
  • denim (all colors)
What makes these outfits stand out is the texture of the jacket because it makes the outfit look so luxurious. 

Kyle Richards

How to Choose Fit

When shopping for blazers what's on trend right now are sharper lapels and bold shoulders.  When you wear tops with shoulder pads, it makes your waist look smaller because it creates an hourglass shape illusion. The cinched blazer adds a feminine silhouette to your figure.

My preferences for the blazers I buy are that they be lined, have pockets and one button. The sleeves need to go to my wrist and the length of the blazer needs to go to the bottom of my pant zipper. The jacket should cover the majority of my butt, but not much longer. 

You don't want your blazer too long because then it makes your legs look short. The blazer should be 1 inch above the crotch. Think of the rule of thirds as the best ratio to the eye. Your blazer makes up 1/3 and your legs 2/3.

Shoulder seam needs to end at my natural shoulder, not before. My arms should be able to cross comfortably. 

Pay attention to buttons, a single button blazer are good for larger bust and look sleeker. Don't forget to cut the threads on the back of jacket before wearing and open the pockets.

Velvet Bags

I've been eyeing this bag!

I have this bag in (sesame street) blue and to this day I regret not buying it in purple.

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