My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2023

I placed 70 orders with amazon this year! I don't have prime so when they raised the minimum shipping requirement to $35 for free shipping, I've purchased less often. Now that 2023 is coming to a close, I had to put together my favorite Amazon purchases from this year! These are all items that I have absolutely loved and definitely recommend.


Eyelash Comb

You know how when you apply mascara and it clumps up, this will comb it out! 

Alligator Hair Clips

I use to part my hair when blow-drying.

Hairbrush cleaner

Last Drop Mini Makeup Spatula

For when you have a makeup product in a small bottle with just a little bit left at the bottom.

Foot Therapy Cream

Spa Facial Headband

To hold my hair back so it doesn't get wet when I wash my face.

Microfiber Wrist Wash Bands

I wear these on my wrist when I wash my face every night so the water doesn't run down my forearms. Best invention ever! 

Athletes Post Workout Cleanser

 I exercise 5x a week from home, after washing my face, I spray this on my face so the bacteria from sweat doesn't remain on my skin and this helps with those little bumps on my forehead.

Silicone Face Mask Applicator

This is the best invention! I use a clay mask a couple times a week and those are hard to wash off. I rub this silicone brush on my skin and it loosens up the mask so its easy to wash off with my fingers.


Sunglasses - dupes for Celine sunglasses.

Sleeve Garters

You know how when you want to wear an outfit with rolled up sleeves but the sleeves keep falling down, these keep them up!

Mini Belt Bag

This is a dupe for the lululemon belt bag that costs $50. I wear this all the time for my lunch walks where I don't want to carry a purse but need somewhere to put my phone and keys while I listen to podcasts. Comes in 45 colors and has multiple pockets inside. 

Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra

I started wearing this during the pandemic at home as it's super comfortable. It's a bralette without underwire or clasps in the back, so a pull over bra. I wash in a mesh bag in the washing machine. 

Clothing Steamer

I haven't ironed in years. I steam all my clothes and travel with this. I had to replace my old one.

Straw Bag


I bought my mom this jumpsuit for her birthday and she loves it! It doesn't need to be ironed. Comes in 42 colors and and up to an XXL. 

I bought myself this two-piece set as my new travel outfit. It comes in 19 colors and is 50% rayon + 45% polyester. I got the caramel color. 

Waist belt for when you wear a bulky sweater but don't want to tuck it into a satin skirt, instead you tuck it into this belt you wear under your shirt. Game changer!


Earrings - dupes for Bottega Veneta earrings, I bought these in both silver and gold but they are a little heavy.

Ring Storage Box

I have a big jewelry box but I needed something smaller for the top of my dresser for my favorite rings that I wear the most. The bottom 1st row are the rings I wear almost every day. I love wearing the black signet ring on my pinky. The Evil Eye in the second row I love for vacations because it looks like cheap costume jewelry so I figure no one is going to rob me but it's still an interesting piece. The third row is animal kingdom: I have a tiger, snake, and cheetah. I wear the cats when I dress up to go out at night and have matching bracelets. The snake is an everyday ring. The top 4th row are rings I don't wear that often but I want to. I don't know if the croissant ring is too popular? 

Overall I think my rings are unique and signify my personal style. I went to a work conference and was talking to people at the help desk. Then later in the day one of my rings fell off and I ran to the help desk to ask if anyone found it and turned it in. And to my surprise the woman said yes it was found and turned in to her and she remembered me wearing it! I didn't realize that people really notice your hands.

Size Adjuster for Loose Rings I bought this after my ring fell off to make the ring smaller. 

Africa Necklace for my trip to Cape Town and Namibia. 

mm Circle Round Stencil Template

I often buy jewelry from etsy and need to understand the scale of the earrings or ring and this shows measurements in mm.


This is a dupe of an insanely expensive ring Selena Gomez wore to the VMA's this year.


Wireless Earbuds

Not paying for airpods and I've had these for 7 months and they work fine.

Portable Neck Fan

This is great for when you have to walk in the heat.

Cell Phone Stand for Desk

My favorite purchase of the year! I have a popsocket which you can see here and it still fits. 

Label Maker


Heated Microwavable Foot Booties

These don't stay up because the top is so loose with no tie.

Microwaveable Booties

These are more stiff but stay up.

No Jetlag Remedy

Softest Bath Rug


Black Out Stickers

You know how when you stay in a hotel room there's random blue light that illuminates the whole room in the dark? These stickers block it out! 

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