The Power of the Statement Ring

My mother bought this huge citrine ring in Thailand when I was a kid and wore it all the time for evening occasions. The ring was a showstopper whenever she wore it. She also had bracelets she brought on her international travels and beautiful earrings to complete the look. My mother has always had over the top jewelry for her everyday life. I too have always enjoyed a statement ring, but I would say in the last few years my jewelry collection has transformed from costumey pieces to more refined pieces. 

Like my mother, women who have great personal style don’t save their nice items for special occasions, they use them everyday and make them part of their personal style. So this is your message to wear your beautiful jewelry often.  What’s the point of them sitting in your jewelry box? These are items that can help define your style and level up a basic outfit.  

Stylish women spend time curating their collection of jewelry so that it really makes their heart sing. They may have a favorite jewelry piece or one they really searched  around for, but usually have these special pieces that are unique to them that also help create a really unique personal style. They wear often so you associate that piece with them; it can be a special ring that they wear daily. It’s what they are known for; and when you see them you think wow, she has such cool style because her jewelry pulls her whole look together.

Overall I think my ring collection is  unique and my personal style is reflected in my jewelry pieces.  I love rings because I can see them throughout the day unlike earring and necklaces which are for other people to enjoy on you. 

The bottom 1st row are the rings I wear almost every day. I love wearing the black signet ring on my pinky. The Evil Eye in the second row I love for vacations because it looks like cheap costume jewelry so I figure no one is going to rob me but it's still an interesting piece. The third row is animal kingdom: I have a tiger, snake, and cheetah. I wear the cats when I dress up to go out at night and have matching bracelets. The snake is an everyday ring. The top 4th row are rings I don't wear as often but I put in this box to remind me to.

When you build your jewelry collection you want to think about practicality, personality and quality (it won't tarnish after excessive wear). Before you purchase think does this piece of jewelry excite me and do I think it says something about my style and how I want to express myself. 

I recommend organizing your jewelry in a box and put it somewhere you can easily see it. Because if you can actually see what you own, you will wear it more often.

Below is an expansive list of eye-catching rings with unique shapes that you might enjoy! You can buy a ring sizer on amazon so you know what size you are when shopping online. Don't buy something just because it's fancy, consider if you're actually going to wear it and if it really expresses your style. 

Banana Republic

Triple Statement Ring


Founded in 2009, Northskull is a jewellery and accessories brand based in London  with a focus on creating contemporary pieces that add a stylish element to the attire of the modern  woman.


A UK based brand that uses recycled gold. 

Monica Vinader

A UK based brand founded in 2008 and uses 100% recycled gold. They fedex your order overnight to the USA for no extra charge and make exchanges for a different size very easy.  Their factories are in India and Thailand.

Cluster Aquamarine (isn't this gorgeous!)
Power Cocktail (If this came in purple I'd buy it)


A Canadian fine jewelry brand founded in 2015.

Charlotte Ring (thinking if this should be my next purchase)


A female owned, partially Black owned, ethical, sustainable, jewelry brand built to connect artisans in Kenya with the global marketplace. Their jewelry is 24k gold-plated recycled brass, and their colored products are made with locally sourced recycled glass. They are located in the San Francisco Bay area. You can also find their pieces at Madewell. Unfortunately they don't respond to emails so customer service is lacking.

Split Moon Ring (can't decide what color to get this in)

Jenga Ring

Blue Ring

Horn Ring

Twisted Ring

Wazi Ring

Square Statement Ring

IG: nurseplaysdressup
IG: lifelovemani

La Manso

A Barcelona based brand of funky, upcycled plastic rings. Bella Hadid wears these all the time. I think they are a cute, throw back to bubble gum machine to 90s girl fun vibes. The plastic rings are super eye catching and a reminder to not take life seriously. 
I wasn't sure I would like it but now I'm obsessed with my ring! 


A Brooklyn based jewelry line with affordable pieces made in New York inspired by organic and industrial shapes,. ring

Rivka Friedman

18K gold statement jewelry. I bought two rings of hers 12 years ago and they still look stunning and good as new today.

Kendra Scott

This used to be my favorite jewelry store but I don't really shop here anymore. Definitely pop in on your birthday month, you get to purchase one piece at 50% off.

I also no longer shop at Bauble Bar, I bought two necklaces from them last year that changed from gold to silver in 3 months! When they have sales, items are so deeply discounted it really shows me how overpriced regular price is. I also omitted Messika from this list as I've learned more about their diamond sourcing and see they scrubbed where their home office is from their website. 

The next 8 brands are at a much higher price point.


Is a Los Angeles based find jewelry brand. The name is derived from the French proverb ‘Retrovailles,’ defined as the joy of reconnecting with something from one’s past

Compass Ring that comes in 7 colors.
Baguette Buckle

Of Rare Origin

Ice Cube Ring  comes in multiple colors

Spinelli Kilcollin

A Los Angeles designer famous for their iconic linked rings that come in so many variations. Erin Lichy from the Real Housewives of NY wears this on her pinky all the time. You can find dupes on etsy.

Melissa Kaye

She is a New York based designer who received an undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering from MIT and then a master’s degree in computational finance. After working at Goldman Sachs as a quantitative strategist for 10 years she switched to jewelry design. Her collection features pieces that are chic and current, drawing inspiration from geometric and natural patterns, she brings a modern edge to classic shapes.  Store


Founded by a Chinese-Ghanaian designer who grew up in Hong Kong and converted to Orthodox Judaism in Israel.  Her whimsical and nostalgic designs are tongue-in-cheek maximalism with  sophistication. The rings size from 2-9 which I like since I have skinny fingers and its hard to find pinky rings. Store

Susana Martins

She grew up in Portugal but is now based in Dubai. She trained as a stone-setter before undertaking a goldsmith apprenticeship then earned her post-graduate diploma in Jewelry Design. Her aesthetic is heavily influenced by the Art Deco era. Store

Logan Hollowell

Fine jewelry made with Magic, think heirlooms for the Modern Goddess. Their vision is to sprinkle women with the cosmos. Logan is a writer, metaphysicist, alchemist and visionary. The foundation of Logan’s upbringing, nature and spiritual symbolism are featured throughout her collections with totem animals, constellations, precious stones, and sacred numerology.Made from recycled gold and conflict-free gemstones. Made in Los Angeles, CA.
I could see someone combing the moonstone ring with the tusk ring for a unique wedding set.
moonstone ring comes in a few different cuts
tusk ring comes in 4 gem colors


My favorite jewelry is by Bvlgari but I know that's not in most people's price points. All the rings are in rose gold and have similar names.

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