5 Things to Toss Before 2018

As you're setting New Years Resolutions for yourself, make sure one of those is to declutter your home. It will help you destress having a clean environment to come home to.  Here's a list of some things you should consider tossing.

1. Old Bras
Bras are supposed to be replaced every year, and even less than that if you wear the same bra frequently. Washing machines wear them down. You don't want to wear a bra that has lost its slack and is supportive. My favorite bra is Victoria Secret's T-Shirt  Lightly Lined Wireless Bra and I no longer have to push wires back in. It uses molded foam to replace an underwire and have the same support as one with a wire. It's so comfortable I don't feel I'm wearing it and can sleep in it.   They give me lift and full support. I recently bought two new colors and immediately noticed a difference from the same bra I bought last year so I knew that bra had to go. You can donate your old bras to these organizations: Free the GirlsSoma, and Bra Recycling. 

2. Nonstick cookie sheets
The coating eventually wears off and if you've used the same pan for years it probably looks run down and the nonstick coating scratched off.

3. Trendy shoes you've only worn once
When I built my shoe closet I made a resolution that whenever I buy a new pair of shoes it has to fit inside it. That means one pair of shoes has to be tossed anytime I buy a new pair. If your New Year's resolution includes cleaning out your closet, consider tossing those trendy embellished booties you only wore once. Still keep all your old sneakers and Uggs? I think your feet will thank you if you tossed them. Zappos will take your old sneakers and donate them to people in need. I do this every time I buy a new pair of sneakers online because then I already have the boxes to put an old pair in to mail off.

4.  Clothing 
If you have clothes you haven't worn this year, chances are you aren't going to wear them again and it's time to say goodbye.  If it still has a tag on it, you know it's never going to work out. Not your size - bye! Are there items you've been meaning to donate? For me it's my old clubbing dresses, special occasion dresses and old workout clothes. You can either donate in one of those charity boxes around town, sell them to a thrift store, or I use an online one Tradesy.

I started using Tradesy in last year and have had really good luck with it selling about one item a month. It's super easy and way less stressful then selling on ebay. The way it works is you get an email when something sells and you confirm if you still want to sell it. Tradesy's fees are that for all items less than $50, it will incur a flat commission fee of $7.50. Sold items with a selling price of $50 or more will have a 19.8% commission rate.You can use your funds to buy stuff from their website or withdraw it from your paypal account for a 2.9% transfer fee. You have the option of using Tradesy's shipping kit for $10 which the seller pays for. After your sale is confirmed, Tradesy mails you a polybag and a pre-printed mailing label with tracking. Listing is free and your listing remains up indefinitely.

5. Bath Rug
I know mine needs replacing since the plastic on the other side is coming off and I can not put it in the washer one more time as the bottom peels off something terrible in the wash. If your rug is like mine and has weathered down over time or lost its fluffiness then it's time for a replacement. They are only meant to last two years. You also can't see the mold that has gotten deeply embedded in your mat. And from a design standpoint, it may be fun to get a new rug anyways.

5 Things to Toss Before 2017


  1. What a great list! Many items I never thought of replacing. I can't tell you the last time I replaced my bathrug. Also, I am terrible at buying new bra's. When I find one I like I'm done. lol

  2. My husband and I just went through all our stuff in the garage this past weekend and tossed anything we haven't seen in the last year! It was liberating. I do this frequently in my closet too!

  3. Oh I soooo need this list! I definitely need to take a few items from this list-- especially bras, I just keep adding new ones to the front of the drawer, LOL.

  4. I never knew that about zappos! I seriously need to organize my closet

  5. This is such a good list. I never thought of tossing/donating trendy shoes. It’s so hard for me to do that, but it’s definitely time.