5 Best Designer Belts 2022

Belts are the forgotten accessory. It gives your outfits an added visual interest. This small accessory can help to create beautiful looks and make your outfit look more styled. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear belts, it only elevates your look. They help you look more feminine if you don't have an hourglass figure. A classic belt never goes out of style, it's timeless and makes accessorizing a cinch so you should have a good stash of them. I've included a mix of high end designer and mid-range plus a couple cheap dupes.

I haven’t worn belts for so many years, until I realized how integral they are to clothing because it really can elevate an outfit. Stock your closet with some classic belts in a core color that will work for your wardrobe. I recommend making sure you have the following categories of belts in your closet: a black belt, a brown belt,  a skinny belt, and a wrap style belt. Once you have the basics, then also get a belt in a fun color,  an animal print belt and a white belt for summer.

It's such a small accessory but so needed to look more sophisticated and elegant.  Belts instantly add a chic, expensive put together look to your outfit. Always replace the fabric belts the come with dresses for a nicer one. You can even belt your coat. Contrast colors belts bring attention to your waist. Belts help you to look slimmer even if you are curvy. They help to define the waist area by drawing attention to it by defining the waistline. Abuse your belts and have a good stash of them. Use your accessories to elevate your outfits to make them look very different. 

 When buying a belt, think about it in terms cost per wear. Pick a belt you won't mind wearing for the next 3 years. I’d think about how many outfits you’ll get use out of and how long term you see that belt lasting in your collection.  Statement designer belts are a game changer, they turns up any outfit that is simple. These are the top 5 designer belts I think are in style and worth  your money.

1. Hermes Constance H - These high quality belts are reversible so you get two colors for the price of one. This lowers the cost per wear. 

{darling be darling}

2. Ferragamo - Such an underrated brand that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. They are so classic and you can’t go wrong.

3. Valentino  -The big V is such a statement belt. 

4. Isabel Marant -The wrap Lecce belt looks chic over a dress or with pants. 

The LOFT makes a dupe of this belt but the reviews are mixed because there are no instructions on how you actually wrap the belt. 

5. Sezane (JonesArtemis) -A Parisian brand that has been making these belts for a few years, constantly releasing new colors. Quality is exceptional and design is so unique.

The LOFT makes a dupe of the Artemis belt which by the way has no holes which I didn't notice until after I bought it and read the reviews. lol 

{Chic everywhere}

The Skinny Belt - I thought I would buy a skinny belt from Target, ordered two different belts and both times the sizing was off. I went instead with this gold belt which I wear all the time with my metallic black jeans. 

Honorable mention to Tory Burch, Fendi and Dior for their stylish belts.  Dior is constantly changing their logo quite often so it's not a timeless logo. I purposely did not include the Gucci belt. I know it was super popular 5 years ago amongst influencers  but I find it to be super basic since everyone has it. 

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