Healthy Easter Baskets

I wanted to give you some healthy ideas for Easter!

Teal Basket                                          yellow crinkle                              Plastic Eggs

Basket Fillers
Mandarin Oranges
Trader Joe's apricot unsweetened dried fruit bar
Baby carrots
Coloring Book
Character band-aids
Bubble Bottles
Play dough
Stuffed Animals

Plastic Egg Fillers
Cranberries and nuts
Tokens for Chuck E. Cheese
Teddy Grahams
Pictures of larger items (hidden in the house)
Loose Legos
Silly putty
Toy cars
Gold coins that can be traded in for a bigger prize like a kite
Glitter putty
Hair Barrettes
Finger puppets
Plush bunnies

Golden eggs with tickets redeemable for prizes like sleeping in late, no chores for a day, ice cream float, parent cleans their room, movie tickets

I love this idea probably inspired by Lindt Chocolate Carrots.  All you need are icing decorating bags, some green ribbon and fill the bags up with goldfish!

There's no reason why adults can't have an easter egg hunt as well! This is what I want in my basket - Zoya nail polish! 

Adults would also like mini perfumes and beauty products.

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