Coconut Water

Now maybe the only time you've had coconut is when lounging on some tropical beach or in dessert, but let me tell you about the benefits of it. Coconut water is the liquid that's found in young green coconuts. The hydration it gives you is like a natural Gatorade, so you get that extra energy after a workout. It has more potassium than a banana which is key in maintaining muscle and nerve function. It's also a great hang over remedy because it hydrates you from the inside out. Back during World War II they mixed coconut water into blood transfusions, can you believe that! The value of coconuts have been seen all around the world for centuries, the top growers are in Asia and Brazil, but its popularity is just recently catching on in America.

I was watching Dr Oz and he did a comparison between different brands and said Zico is the only brand to have all the electrolytes it advertises. You use lose electrolytes when you sweat. Zico's plastic bottles are recyclable and partly made of recyclable material, plus they are made domestically. It comes in different flavors but I like to stick with the original that is 100% coconut and not filtered down with juice or flavoring.

I make ice cubes out of the coconut water and put it into my shakeology.

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