The healthy way to tan

I'm a big Kathy Griffin fan and was watching the episode of her reality show where she was a host for an awards show and got an airbrush tan right before the event and that was the first I'd ever heard of this. Then on another occasion I was watching Denise Richards reality show and someone came to her house and sprayed her before a date. One day when a groupon popped up to have someone come to my home to spray me I jumped on the opportunity and felt like a celeb for the day! ha!

Now I know you're thinking but you already have tan skin, yes, but I'm still pretty pale and just enjoy the look of tan skin. When I was younger I used to love to tan at the beach and occassionally at tanning salons, but now that I'm older and am worried about fine lines I've stopped all of that. I now buy groupons for spray tans and airbrush tans, with the groupon the cost is $15 for a spray tan and $25 for an airbrush. The solution gradually washes off in 2 weeks. Unfortunately it does mean I can't use my facial products because I don't want the color removed quickly. If you sweat a lot when you workout, that will streak the color. Before you fake tan you need to exfoliate your skin and then afterwards keep it well moisturized to prolong the color. You prep for the tan by putting lotion on the underside of your hands and feet so that they don't come out colored as well. I do it the night before an event so I can sleep as the color continues to develop and then I shower the morning. This way the color does not come off me, unlike Adrienne from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who would sit in chairs and stain them with her tan color.

 Here's a breakdown of your two salon options:

Mystic spray tans are when you stand in a private booth and a machine sprays you with solution. The machine has a numbered foot pad that you stand on and the machine talks to you and tells you when to turn to put your feet into each position so every side of your body gets tanned. Some people say this color isn't very natural, but on me it's fine. 

Now the pricer option is an airbrush tan. It's when a person sprays you with the solution. People say this looks more realistic than spraytans, but you have to be comfortable standing in front of a stranger spraying you. I do one or the other before vacations, birthday, or NYE.


I tried Jergens self-tanner years ago and didn't like the horrible smell and the color. So I reluctantly tried St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse with a mitt and not only did it not smell, it didn't streak, and by using their mitt the color didn't get on my hands. It dries in one minute, but if you put it on the night before you get 5 days worth of color. You do need to do a couple applications at once to build up the color.

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