I took my first yoga class in college and I was hooked! Yoga is great for stretching out your body and it tones your abs, I've seen the difference! All those chaturanga pushups will tone every muscle in your arms, I usually feel sore the next day. The best part about yoga is that if I do it in the evening I  find it helps me sleep better, it truly does the trick for me!

Now that I have my videos down I put on my own music to it. For yoga I love new agey music like the song Krishna Das - Namah Shivaya  for flowing yoga. Then I dim the lights, put 3x4 pillar scented soy candles on a gold charger to create atmosphere while I do yoga, as if it were candlelight yoga.

I've spent a lot of time in yoga studios taking classes and really discovered the meaning of a quality mat. It really does make a difference, they're not all a like. Manduka mats are thicker and easier on your knees. Your average yoga mat is made of plastic while Manduka mats are made from natural rubber and are eco-friendly because they use toxic free materials in manufacturing. They're also longer than your typical mat and 99% latex free. Once you break them in, ultimately they are less slippy. When I splurged on my mat it was the best investment I made into my yoga practice and my knees thanked me because I no longer needed to double up for cushioning.

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