Warrior Dash

Are you looking for an adventure that's crazy, fun and dirty?! Remember all those fun obstacle course TV shows when we were kids? Well last year I participated in Warrior Dash which is a 5K obstacle course race and they have 40 races around the country, so check and see if there's one near you!
I was terrified to go! I had never run a race before, but I found out that it was more about your strength and endurance to do the obstacles than speed running. The race does require you to train before hand with both strength training and cardio. So competing in a race like this could be your motivating factor to get in shape with the goal of getting through the race! The race involved jumping over fire and crawling through mud; and that's the easy part! ha! The other 11obstacles involve climbing a 20 foot wall with nothing but a rope, crawling under barbed wire, jumping over cars and high stepping through tires, wading through chilly water, and scaling horizontal cargo nets. And since this is not your average race, people dress up in fun costumes, tutus were popular! My friend and I dressed up as superheros. Here's the metal we got!
This is what my shoes looked like at the end! lol My friend lost her shoes. Believe it or not I was able to wash those shoes off and they're good as new! I can't begin to tell you the feeling of all that mud weighing down my clothes! lol But if you want to ditch your shoes they had a huge pile of shoes that they donate to a non-profit that recycles them and gives shoes to people around the world. 
If you're up for the challenge, sign up! It sells out long before the date.

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