Water bottles

I wanted to encourage you not to use disposable plastic bottles so I'm sharing my favorite containers that I use.

First up is the Tervis Tumbler which I have in amethyst. They're made in America and it's made of a strong polymer that is hard to break or dent and is BPA free. You can see through the bottle that its two layers with a space between which makes the bottle sweatproof so if you like to have a lot of ice in your glass, the outside stays dry so you don't have to worry about using coasters. That's why I bought one of these for my boss since she had to use so many napkins under her glass in staff meetings. The Tervis also keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They have a plethora of designs or you can create your own. You can also customize it to come with a lid or handle. They come with a lifetime guarantee so if it becomes defective at any time you can mail it in for a free replacement and they recycle the old one. It's dishwasher safe.

I drink my shakeology on the go in my purple mini sportmixer from BlenderBottle. It's made of BPA-free plastic and has a stainless-steel whisk that mixes the shake so you don't need a blender. It's dishwasher safe but not meant to be used with hot beverages.

My SIGG bottle is my original sports water bottle that I customized with a sports top. Made in Switzerland, these bottles are made of  aluminum and the liner is BPA-Free. It's really popular with people who don't want to use any type of plastic. It can not go in the freezer, store hot beverages, or go in the dishwasher. I bought a special ice cube tray that makes long slender ice cubes to use with this bottle. I dropped my bottle once, which left a small dent and now it's hard to get the top off, so word to the wise!

I also have the new shakeology storage canister because sometimes I don't take care to make sure I really sealed the bag shut.  With this you can keep it fresh and organized in your cabinet, in an air tight BPA free container. It makes it easy to see when you're getting low and you don't have to worry about getting powder on your arms as you reach to the bottom of the bag to grab the scoop.

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